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While the TV may be the center of your home theater, it is the gadgets and accessories that make the experience unique to you. Whether it is a great DVD player, the best speakers, or even the universal remote control, they are often the key to a great media room. Use our guide to home theater accessories and gadgets to check out which devises create a far better home theater.

Bass for Your Buck: Best Speakers for Home Theater Systems

For many people, sound is just as important as the visuals in their home theater. Good speakers can make any movie better, and improves the value of any audio device. If you’re going to splurge on any one thing besides your TV, this is probably a good choice.

Buying Wireless Speakers for the Home Theater

As vital as speakers are to the home theater, no one likes wires. A good wireless speaker has the potential to help make your home theater far sleeker and easier to set up. While these advantages are worthwhile, you must consider different factors when looking at wireless speakers.

Top 3 HTPC Cases

The space between PC and TV is shrinking daily, and a home theater PC can allow you a lot of options that you simply can’t find from any device besides a computer. Finding the right HTPC cases will help make your home theater far more versatile. Yet, a bad HTPC is little better than none at all, so make sure you get one of the best.

Top 5 Radios With Internet Connectivity

Just as important as your TV is the music in your home theater. While traditional radio and satellite radio are both valuable, the only place with unlimited musical choices is the internet. That makes radio with internet connectivity a great choice for anyone who loves to listen to music.

Boost Your Music Entertainment Experience with These 5-CD Disc Changer Systems

Along with the radio, the CD player is vital to your home theater experience. In order to really enjoy it though, you will want to have the best. Modern CD changers are more than simply CD players mixing MP3s and CDs into a great experience. Understandng how to maximize that enjoyment is worth your time.

The Best and Cheapest Upscaling DVD Player - Sony DVP-NS7xxH Series

Modern home theaters means high-definition. For those who have a large collection of DVDs, however, replacing them is an expensive prospect. A good upscaling DVD player is a great option for moving into the high-definition landscape. So, until you build up your collection of Blu-Ray movies, check out this inexpensive option.

Where to Find the Cheapest Blu-Ray Disc Players

Once you have decided to move up to Blu-Ray, you will want a cheap first choice. That way, you can focus your money on building up your selection of movies. These Blu-Ray players may not be your long-term solution, but they are a good place to start.

Best Portable HD Players: Jaw-Dropping Video on the Go

While HD at home is great, portability is one of the biggest keys to modern home theater. High definition portability is even better. If you need to have great video anywhere, then these gadgets can work great either at home as a second TV or on the go.

Top Five Affordable Portable TVs

While having a great portable device is worthwhile for many, the need for high-definition becomes far less when dealing with small screens. This means that simply choosing a good, inexpensive portable TV is a option worth considering.

Top Five Universal Remotes: Replace Your Stack of Remotes with One

With so many great devices and gadgets available, the center of your media room is almost certainly going to be your remote control. It is the one device that brings everything together. This means that finding the best universal remote is vital to your home theater.

DVD Recorders for Recording TV

While the quality of your media center is important, media is even more important. Without something to watch or listen to, none of the rest matters. For those who want to build up their media library, one great choice is a DVD recorder.

Boxee Box Review: Like Your HTPC, but Cooler

Along with TV, internet video is moving to the center of the home entertainment arena thanks to set-top streaming devices such as the Boxee Box. This device can almost certainly help make your home entertainment center a never-ending source of content.

The Good Features of Apple TV

Not yet the device that people hope it will be, the Apple TV is still an Apple product, and as such very well made with tons of potential. It can let you watch videos, show pictures, play music and almost anything else you could want a TV to do while giving access to much of the video on the internet as well.

TV and Internet Connectivity Gadgets for Home Theater

The biggest advance in modern home theater is connectivity - whether it is a remote control that lets you connect to any device or Slingbox which allows you to watch TV anywhere in the world. This covers a few of the wide range of gadgets that have become so important in the last years.

How Netflix Works

With all the other gadgets and tools for your home theater, nothing is quite as useful as unlimited content. For the amount of available content both physical and streaming, nothing can match Netflix. So unless you love watching random movies on cable, or the same DVDs every night, a subscription to Netflix is one of your most important home theater accessories.

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