Free Satellite TV Internet Service: The Hidden Truth

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You may have heard of the availability of free satellite TV Internet service and may be wondering what the whole fuss is about. You may even be attracted to this free option because you’re tired of paying high satellite TV bills for programs you seldom get to watch because you’re away most of the time. How nice if you have the option of watching free satellite TV over the PC when you’re away and in your home theater system when you’re back.

Let’s now look at how - if it’s possible - to obtain free satellite TV Internet service to your home theater system.

How It Works

Free satellite TV Internet service doesn’t mean it comes to you at no cost. Basically, you would have to purchase a software program that promises you that you can watch thousands of TV channels, including satellite TV from all over the world.

The tagline goes something like why pay $90 monthly for cable or satellite TV when you can view thousands of channels over your computer for an affordable one-time fee. Screenshots of cable or satellite TV shows are thrown in to convince you any satellite TV channel could be watched by nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse.

There are also testimonials of satisfied users on the sales page singing praises of the software program and how it has helped them save hugely on monthly subscription fees. What’s more, they could also watch channels not available in their areas or countries. The thing is, there’s no way of ascertaining whether these testimonials are genuine.

The software program will cost you anything from USD 25 upwards. Of course your favorite TV channels will be listed in the software program. But do you get to watch them?. User experience in forums does not sound promising, most regretting purchasing such a software program.

The Catch

So, what’s the catch behind the free satellite TV Internet service? Most of the programs are P2P Internet TV software programs like the ones you can obtain for free from download sites like cnet. Some come in the form of software packages which list hundreds of free Internet streams which are old shows or reruns nobody wants to watch.

You could also be given with a list of links to websites of free streaming TV services which could easily be discovered via Google.

The Truth

The truth is cable or satellite TV stations aren’t that generous to let you watch their programs without having to fork out your hard-earned cash. At best the free Internet cable or satellite TV services you can stream through the Internet to your TV are nothing more than previews or selected episodes of TV series available at the stations’ websites.

The Safer Alternative

Are you’re really excited about streaming free Internet TV to your home theater system without having to spend any money? Visit sites like, or, where you could get about the same services as the paid software programs offer. Be warned though that it’s going to be a hit-and-miss affair (you’ve to spend time checking out which stations are active). Also, the channels from satellite TV stations you get to view could be `stale’ recorded programs streamed via P2P.

The bottom line is if you want to watch satellite TV over your home theater system, you will have to subscribe to the service the conventional way. There’s no way you’re going to get a free satellite Internet TV service despite the promises made by certain parties.