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Free Movies Online

There are number of websites that allows you to watch free movies, online TV shows, documentaries, sports anime, and cartoons online. These websites lists and sort programs for your convenience, once a video (movie, TV show) is selected it takes you directly to the host website to view and watch. Some of these online movie websites will require a media player e.g. Adobe Flash Player in order for you to watch videos on your computer. These websites will have a downloadable link readily available for you to install the software. On the upside, there are some exceptional online TV websites that enables you to watch movies as well as TV shows, anime, cartoons, sports, documentaries, musicals etc. online instantly without any software downloads by streaming video files free. You can access these websites easily from anywhere at any time once you have an internet connection or WIFI. Below lists the top five (5) free online TV websites with no software download.

Free Online TV Websites With No Software Download


For any video file you select to watch there will be a number of streamers to choose from. The best streamers with high picture resolution and sound quality as well as minimal interference and buffering are listed below.

  • WiseVid
  • Megavideo
  • VidBux (DivX)
  • Ryshare
  • VidXDen

Simply go on the website, select a movie, and navigate to a preferred streamer and click play. Avoid the big bright balloon option to ‘play now’ or ‘download’ video, this wastes time, just click’ continue to video’, play and enjoy. If ever the video takes long to load or buffer, simply pause for a while and play a few minutes later. You also have the option of trying another streamer, there will be times when a good streamer does not perform as expected.

How to Get Online TV onto a Big Screen TV

Once you have chosen a suitable online TV website and have familiarized yourself with the process of successfully watching your favorite movie, TV show or sport commentary you may want to consider setting it up on a big screen TV.

You will need to purchase a VGA (Video Graphic Array) cable to transmit video signals from your PC to a big screen TV. The VGA cable is supported by most computers and will differ in price with the highest being the best quality. Shorter cables will minimize or prevent signal degradation, so asses what is required for your personal setting and choose accordingly. VGA cables also works well with high definition (HD) televisions for your optimum entertainment experience.

Another option is the S- Cable, also known as a separate video or s-video cable. This type of cable is used to carry video data for standard definition monitors. It will only work with certain PC’s and televisions. The computer must have a video card with TV- Out connector. Similarly the television must have the same kind of connector called the TV- In or Video-In connector and it also needs to have a Line-Out connector for the sound card.

In addition, a PC audio cable will be required to transmit and synchronize sound with your PC and big screen television. There is wide range of audio cables to choose from, but the specifications will depend on the type of television you want to connect with your computer.


Watching free movies and online TV can be a better experience now that you can connect your PC to your TV. Most websites that offer free movies online will have the latest movie already available for your viewing. This eliminates the hassle of going to the theatre and paying to see a movie you weren’t sure was going to be to your liking. As well as renting it from your local blockbuster store. Also, keep abreast with your favorite television series or sitcom. Using the web to watch free movies & online TV really takes the hassle out of movie entertainment.


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