Looking for the Best Plasma TV on the Market? Let Us Show You the Best TVs to Buy

Looking for the Best Plasma TV on the Market? Let Us Show You the Best TVs to Buy
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Panasonic VT25

When it comes to 3D, the best plasma TV on the market on the market, according to CNET, is the Panasonic VT25 plasma television. The VT25 is available in 50”, 54”, 58” and 65” models. All TVs are 3D 1080p plasma televisions and start at $2,999 as of December 2010. The aspect ratio of the television is 16:9 and is in full HD 3D. It includes four HDMI outputs, 2 console video inputs and two audio outputs as well as two USB ports. The Panasonic VT25 also includes the new Infinite Black Panel Pro technology, offering deep blacks regardless of room conditions.

Samsung PNC8000 series

The Samsung PNC8000 model plasma televisions offer some of the best bright room performance of the 3D compatible plasma TVs on the market. The black levels on this Samsung are not up to the level of Panasonic but it is better in other areas. The Samsung does offer better video processing, bright-room performance and color reproduction. The 50-inch models start at $1899 as of December 2010. There are also options in 58 and 63 inches.


Panasonic VT25


Samsung PNC7000 series

The Samsung PNC7000 is one of the least expensive of the new 3D compatible televisions, starting at $1599 for the 50-inch models. The television has fantastic black level performance with accurate colors, making it a good choice for someone looking for the best plasma TV on the market. The television is compatible with both half and full-resolution 3D plus the Blu-Ray 3D standards. Since the amount of home 3D is low right now, the Samsung adds a special option to convert 2D into faux 3D, which is not as good as watching actual 3D but is a nice touch until there are more options.

LG PK/PX950 series

One of the better choices when shopping for the best plasma television on the market is the LG PX950, which offers both quality 2D and 3D pictures. The PK950 is the same TV minus the 3D picture and is one of the better non-3D televisions on the market right now. THX offered their display to the LG 3D televisions and provides a great picture, comparable to the other plasmas, but it is nothing to set it apart in the 3D market. However, it is one of the better choices in 2D models.

Pioneer PDP-6020FD

Pioneer offers a plasma television with superior black levels in this 60-inch television, the PDP-6020FD. While the color saturation is not the best on this model, the blacks are black without any traces of blue or gray that sneaks into some television’s pictures. The Pioneer televisions also offer the Pioneer Home Media Gallery, which plays video, music or photos on a USB flash drive or networked computer. The television also protects itself from image burn with the pixel orbiter function, which shifts the image slightly.

Panasonic Viera TC-P50X1

The Panasonic Viera is not a 1080p television, but that means this might be the best plasma TV on the market for budget conscious shoppers looking for the best plasma TVs on the market. Since the TV is a 720p HDTV, the television won’t give the full effect of Blu-Ray, since that format is all 1080p. It also has half the pixels of the 1080p models. What this model offers is the VIERA Link, allowing someone to connect a number of AV devices to the TV through the HDMI port and operate them with the remote control.