Geocaching Treasure Ideas - Unique Geocoins

Geocaching Treasure Ideas - Unique Geocoins
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About Unique Geocoins

Geocoins are a favorite geocaching item of choice for geocachers. They are made with different materials including copper, silver, nickel and pewter. These coins have many themes. For the discriminating geocacher, unique geocoins that have been released in limited editions are highly sought after. The following geocoins are definitely worth a look.

Dragon Ladon Geocoin

When it comes to unique geocoins, designs with dragons are an interesting choice for geocachers. This Dragon Ladon geocoin is made of nickel plating with pewter and displays a dragon imprinted on an earth globe background. It is beautifully designed with a royal blue background. The geocoin is trackable through If you are looking to purchase one, your best bet is since only 200 coins were produced in its initial minting.

“Poverty Sucks” Geocoin

Poverty Sucks Geocoin

This unique geocoin is made with antique bronze. It is designed with a black cat wearing a tuxedo. The caption reads “Are you cache rich?” and “Poverty sucks.” The geocoin measures at 1 ¾” in diameter. The limited edition geocoin can be found at Walrus and RW

Breast Cancer Angel Geocoins

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a non-profit organization focused on bringing awareness and raising money for breast cancer research. These unique geocoins are made with imitation soft enamel with an angel design. There are six variations of this geocoin, each with different colored hair, skin color and angel wings. They can be purchased from USA for $9.99 each. A dollar of this purchase goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization.

Butterfly Kisses Suncatcher Limited Edition Geocoin

Butterfly Kisses geocoin

This copper geocoin is designed with colorful blue butterfly and yellow flowers. Only fifty of these geocoins were produced. offers this item for $19.50.

Garmin GPS Festival 2010 Geocoin

Garmin GPS Festival geocoin

The Garmin GPS Festival Mega Event that was supposed to take place in German July 31, 2010 ended up being cancelled. This Garmin themed geocoin represents the cancelled event. The geocoin is made with antique copper with the Garmin GPS Festival on one side, and an image of a structure that is located at the event’s site with GPS coordinates. This limited edition (only 100 produced) geocoin can be purchased through the website.

Blarney Geocoin

Blarney Geocoin

This unique geocoin is made with antique silver and green glitter material. The design is a green Celtic cross and measures 1.75” in diameter. Available at for $19.50.

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