Unique Geocaches Created By Enthusiasts

Unique Geocaches Created By Enthusiasts
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Where in the World?

Unique geocaches make this modern day treasure hunting game that combines the internet, GPS technology, and good old fashioned human instincts more intriguing and challenging. As this hobby evolved, smaller geocache containers were employed to the point of what are now called nano caches which truly test the accuracy of your portable, handheld GPS devices. You’ll need every meter that unit can feed you to find those tiny stashes. Cover and concealment tactics have also been improved to make finding the proverbial gold at the end of the GPS rainbow even more difficult. That rock might not really be a rock. Caches have been placed in places that are very hard to reach physically and alternatively, other caches (usually of the multi-cache variety) are not found without some very clever puzzle-solving abilities being brought to bear. In some cases, caches are extremely challenging on both counts.

In a five part series entitled Advanced Geocaching for the Utmost Challenges, the characteristics that make a geocache site more difficult both mentally and physically are explained in full. Then you’re given a few specific examples of the toughest nuts to crack. In that series you’ll also be guided to three distinctly different regions of the U.S. where you can expect to find your geocaching wits and conditioning to be put to the test. So if you’re looking for some geocaches that are interesting and difficult, that would be a very good read. But here, we’ll pinpoint some really ingenious geocaches that enthusiasts have developed. It has become quite a tradition in this hobby for folks to try and outdo each other. Therefore, by reading about what other cachers have been up to around the world in upping the ante, you can get some good ideas about creating new caches where you live that will baffle and impress the seekers behind you.

Creative Cachers

To find some of the most imaginative geocache puzzling placements, one should refer to creativegeocaching.com. That site is dedicated to tracking unique and interesting trends in the geocaching world and making them available to you. For instance, one group of geocachers in and around Palmdale, CA decided to make a series of caches that eventually spelled out “clue” when you looked at it on a map. Another group of cachers from the area, not to be outdone, proceeded to make another series of caches to the left of that multi-cache which spelled out “no.” The result of these shenanigans (96 caches in all) is in the image to your right.

Another good example of a truly unique geocache that is expounded upon on that site is found on a bowling ball. It’s literally fastened to a bowling ball inside a working bowling alley so you might have to bowl a few frames until you actually find it. There are many more interesting and unique examples there so check them out and cache on!