The Best Android Geocaching Apps

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Geocaching Websites

Google’s Android operating system is the new mobile phone platform. And, like other established operating systems, it is also offering applications, which allow you to do things like play games, connect with social networking sites and find directions. Google Android apps also allow you to do one other thing: go geocaching.

Android geocaching apps allow you to access popular geocaching websites like is one of the largest geocaching websites available. It lists caches from around the world and provides you with a way to find caches near you. It also provides you with hints and geocache cheats to help you find the cache for which you are seeking.

But, before you can use a Google Android geocaching app, you need to know what’s available. The three best ones are Groundspeak’s Geocaching for Android, Geodroid and GeoBeagle. You must purchase the first two, but GeoBeagle is free.

Groundspeak Geocaching App

The Groundspeak geocaching app allows you to access the database of caches and search for ones near your current location. You can also search for caches by address or geocaching code. With this app, you can review the available information about the cache, photos of the area and hints. You can also view information on how difficult it is to find the cache.

Other features of this app include the ability to look up information on the cache while you are on the trail and save cache information, including photos and maps. You can also upload information about the cache treasure and post your own notes while you are still in the field. You can search for the cache either use maps or compass arrows. This app can be downloaded from the Android Market.


Another app is Geodroid. It also allows you to import caches from, and it features Waypoint, which allows you to find your locations by either using a map compass. Other features of this app include the ability to search for caches which are in your area. You can also add, delete or edit waypoints on the fly.

Geodroid also allows you to import caches by using the Google Map link, which is located underneath the information of the cache. You can also view information like cache descriptions, hints, cheats and detailed logs of the caches.


The final app is GeoBeagle. This is a free Google app, which allows you to access This app stores caches within SQL (Structured Query Language) databases, and it allows you to import cache information.

This app was created under the Open Source licensing methodology. This means that you can use, change or edit the app any way that you see fit, without ever having to pay a licensing fee. This allows you to add any type of features that you want.

It’s best to test drive the apps before you purchase them. Some have demo or free trial downloads, which will help you decide which is the best Android geocaching app for you.