Geocaching Riddles: Rise to The Challenge

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What is a Riddle?

Geocaching riddles can sometimes tangle up the circuits in an otherwise fully functioning mind. So let’s start with the definition of a riddle to make sure we’re all on the same page. A riddle is a posed question that is intentionally misleading, mystifying, or puzzle-like problem that requires the answerer to solve or guess the correct response. There are different degrees to how difficult solving a riddle is, and answering it might require several different kinds of knowledge and skills which may include: logical reasoning, math, deductive reasoning, rhyming, history, pop culture, and an overall problem-solving ability. Riddles might also be known as brainteasers, enigmas, or conundrums.

If you’re at all familiar with geocaching you probably know that the rating system each and every geocache site has attached to its description on the world’s most recognized website for this GPS-assisted treasure hunt, A one-to-five star rating is attached to every official geocache for its mental challenge and in terms of the terrain (which accounts for both difficult terrain to traverse and the distance that needs to be covered to get to it). Thus, the more difficult the riddle or puzzle involved with locating the cache, the more stars it gets, five being the most challenging to the mental faculties of an individual for the first category. The solutions to some riddles are obvious while the more tricky ones will require that you have all your wits about you. You’ll have to think outside of the box and also be prepared to come up with a few cheesy answers.

Stepping Up to a More Challenging Caching Experience

The Most Unusual Geocaches to Engage your Mental Faculties is part of a series that explains in detail the anagram-unscrambling and brain-teaser-solving that is necessary in tracking down the more challenging geocaches. The series also explains the factors that make a site physically challenging too, and then pinpoints some specific places around the U.S. that geocachers looking to test their skills and experience might want to visit. You’ll find a raging river of information about advanced geocaching including how to find the hardest spots near you.

So are you reading this looking for an answer to a particular baffling riddle that is keeping you from finding a geocache? What, did you think I was going to help you cheat? Just like there’s a certain amount of legwork involved in geocaching that you have to do, you’ve got to do the brainwork too. But if you’re looking for some help with a new geocache site that you need a puzzle for, we’ve got you covered there. Whether it’s a code, a cipher, a puzzle, or an invisible message, How to Make a Geocache Puzzle gives you great directions on how to do it.

We’ll leave you with two riddles to solve so you know what you’re up against. The answer two each riddle is just one word and each of those words happen to be somewhere in the content of the article itself should you need to retrace your steps.

Riddle # 1

What runs but can’t walk,

Has a mouth but can’t talk,

Has a head but never weeps,

Has a bed but never sleeps?

Riddle # 2

What do you always take more of than you leave behind?