Geocheating: Is Geocache Cheating Really Cheating?

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What is Geocheating?

While geocache cheating or geocheating is cheating in a way, it is not your usual type of cheating. For one thing, all caches have some hints in order to help searchers find the cache. Geocheating is most often associated with geocaches that are extremely hard to find or for those that simply do not want to spend too much time looking for the stash.

But, what exactly is geocache cheating? Geocheating involves getting more than the traditional hints. Most hints are rather cryptic, and they will only give general information about a geocache.

Geocheating Site

Some hints, however, are much more direct, practically giving everything away about the cache. These types of hints can generally be obtained from sites like, or you can just ask the person who found the cache beforehand or hid it in the first place.

Many of the geocache cheating sites will have levels of hints. For those that are simply looking for hints as to where the cache might be, they may choose the container (what the cache is being held in) or the helpful hints. If you want more of a challenge, you could choose the cryptic hint, which require a little more critical thinking. The final level is generally the spoiler, which will tell the person exactly where the cache is.

Why be a Geocheater?

Now, you may be asking why somebody would decide to be a geocheater. Well, if you have searched for the same caches several times, you could just be ready to give up since it is so difficult to find. When someone has used all of the standard hints, and they still cannot find the cache, they may just be ready to find the cache using the geocache cheats. This is usually the case.

In some instances, however, a person may have just been more interested in the journey, and they just do not want to spend too much time searching for the cache. For them, following the coordinates to the end was much more important than what the cache holds. So, they just use the geocheats to quickly find the cache.

Are There Cheats for Every Cache?

While geocheats seem like an easy way to find all caches, it is actually not. Many new caches will not have any cheats associated with them since so few people have gone to search for the cache. Further, many easier caches will also not have that many cheats associated with them since they are so easy to find.

Is it Really Cheating?

Geocache cheating is not actually cheating. This isn’t a competition so people can do what they want when it comes to geocaching. The whole goal is to have fun. So, if you want to quickly find the cache after following the coordinates, that’s completely up to you. No one will - or should - fault you for it.