Finding Cool Geocaches in NY

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Finding the Choice Spots

The cool geocaches in NY can be as easy or as hard to find as you want. You’ve got so many options that it just depends upon your caching preferences and the type of experience that you’d like to have. Of course, you’ve got the opportunity to take in all the remarkable sites, the history, and culture from the city that never sleeps, to the sleepy towns in pastoral settings, and upstate where the Adirondacks reign.

If you’re the type of geocacher that is proud of the routes of this outdoor hobby that began only three days after the U.S. government enabled the general public access to GPS technology, perhaps you want to find the first caches hidden near you. The Oldest Geocaches in the U.S. tells you where they are and how to find the first stashes hidden anywhere in the country. Planning on geocaching around Halloween? Why not bag one of the oldest geocaches in New York and take in a little of the lore and charm of Sleepy Hollow near the Hudson River too? It’s got a two star rating and you’ll cross some old carriage trails to get there. Here are all the details on

Do the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County sound like an alluring destination? There are plenty of geocaches to bag while hiking in some beautiful scenery. This area is the back drop for Thomas Merton’s book The Seven Storey Mountain.This GeoTrail in Western New York Geotrail in Western New York link is great local resource to find out about all the opportunities available for caching hikers. Once there, you can find info about a multi-cache that will take you through 32 towns if you’re up to that challenge.

Expand your Horizons while Geocaching

If you’re a movie buff, you might like finding caches that give a nod to the famous places in NYC where legendary movies were shot. On Location NYC – Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one if these, and the link I just sent you to on can be used to find more like this. If Central Park sounds like a good idea, there are plenty of opportunities to have your GPS device and wits lead you about until you stumble upon some bounty. To find out information from the locals, including advice, tips, and forums discussing cool geocaches in NYC, visit the Metro NY Geocaching Society at An excellent choice if you’ve got the kids in tow would be Snug as a Bug in Central Park, but there are several other stashes throughout the park and you’ll have to use supreme nonchalance in retrieving and hiding what you find.

Out on Long Island, the Long Island Geocaching Organization (LIGO) at is a good resource to assist you in your caching endeavors there. That’s just a few fun examples of some of the thousands of geocache sites you can find throughout the state. No matter where you roam in NY; Buffalo, Rochester, Olean, all the way out to Montauk, you’re going to find there’s plenty of folks hiding caches for the benefit of the next cacher. So enjoy your outings and always remember to “cache-in, trash-out.”