Cool Geocaching T-Shirt Designs, Ideas and Recommendations

Cool Geocaching T-Shirt Designs, Ideas and Recommendations
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The Geocaching T-Shirt

Geocaching t-shirts make great souvenirs and are a sign of a serious geocacher, depending on the t-shirt. As with any t-shirt subject, there are massive amounts of designs available in all colors and sizes. The usual “I heart whatever” is available along with the other standard t-shirt designs in geocaching t-shirts. These types of t-shirts can be found anywhere online or in walk-in stores. This article focuses on the more interesting designs, funny uses of words, symbols and unique combination of colors and subject matter. These t-shirts are just a small sampling of what is available in geocaching apparel.

Geocaching is more than just a rage, it is a sport and a puzzle game all in one. There are all types of levels from the easy find to the climb to find. Some geocaches require physical strength, agility and endurance (along with sturdy climbing gear) to discover their locations. Stand out and speak out for your style of geocaching with a geocaching t-shirt. Better yet, create your own unique design. Another option is to create a special geocaching t-shirt to leave as a find.


Here are a variety of geocaching t-shirts that use symbols as the main design. Geocaching has its own terminology, which many of these t-shirts use in symbol form. Many of these can be found in multiple color options. The beauty of using symbols is they break all language barriers.

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Rest Stop




Fun Geocaching T-Shirts

Here are some funny geocaching t-shirts that will make you and everyone else smile.

Some geocaching hunts have the prizes (whatever items are left for the geocacher to find) in a Tupperware container. This is where all the references to Tupperware came from in geocaching terminology. Other geocache containers include micro tubes, pill bottles, matchboxes (these are not the best as they tend to decompose), ammo boxes and anything that can be hid and survive the elements.


Been There…

Tupperware Hunter

Quantum Geochache



Miscellaneous Geocaching T-Shirts

These t-shirts use a variety of geocaching terminology and symbols as the design. Some have clever references for the savvy geocacher. Geocachers have their own acronyms such as cache in trash out (C.I.T.O) and first to find (F2F).


First To Find










Get A Life

Geo 2


Other Unique Geocaching T-Shirts

These are just a few of some unique designs for geocaching organizations and special designs. The variety and uniqueness of design is unlimited with many groups and individuals creating their own personal design.

Composite Names

Climbers Group

Horror Films

Last Word

These are just a small sampling of what is available for the geocacher looking to find appropriate apparel. Geocaching t-shirts can be found in most stores that sell GPS units and in outdoor sporting goods stores. The top three online t-shirt vendors that have geocaching t-shirt lines are Cafe Press, Zazzle and Fibers.

Geocaching t-shirts make great souvenirs and gifts for other geocacher enthusiasts. There are also geocaching t-shirts for your kids or your favorite pet.