Geocaching Gear: Top 10 Items You'll Want for Geocaching

Geocaching Gear: Top 10 Items You'll Want for Geocaching
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Top 10 Geocaching Gear Items

Every geocaching trip is a different experience. Environmental and terrain conditions may increase the challenge of finding a hidden cache. The following are popular items you may want to include to help you have a more enjoyable caching experience:

1. GPS Unit - A GPS unit is the most mandatory and essential gear item used in geocaching. The best GPS units for geocaching should be waterproof with geocaching specific software applications and expandable memory.

2. Hiking Boots - Geocaching involves treks into all types of terrain and weather conditions. Sturdy hiking boots are good to have for better balance and protecting your feet.

3. Backpack - A backpack is an essential item for your geocaching gear. It is needed for storing your other important geocaching supplies like food and water. When buying, select one that is durable and waterproof.

4. Logbook - Logbooks can be an essential part to your geocaching gear. Use them to keep track of cache finding information like GPS coordinates, contacts, landmarks, etc. Purchase one that is sturdy and waterproof so it will be resistant to damage during your travels.

5. Walking Stick - On long geocaching treks, a walking stick can give you that extra support while travelling through narrow trails and other difficult areas.

6. Geocoins - Geocoins are a popular item that is placed into hidden caches. You can find many of them intricately designed with nice images or text imprinted on them. Geocoins can also have tracking numbers that can be activated and registered through online geocaching websites (such as the website). Geocachers who find them can log their discovery for others to view. Good online sources to find geocoins are through the, or websites.

7. Travel Bug - Travel bugs are tags with imprinted tracking numbers on them. Geocachers can attach them to cache treasure items. Once the travel bug is registered with an online geocaching website, its location can be followed as it is placed in different areas. You can find a travel bug through the website.

8. Digital Camera - Keep the memories of each geocaching adventure by taking pictures of your trip. When purchasing, select a camera that is waterproof and has room for plenty of memory to store lots of images.

9. Geoswag - Geoswag are extra goodies or prizes you can leave for geocachers to find in your hidden cache. Popular items include casino chips, key chains, magnets, stickers, or pins.

10. CITO - CITO is a fancy acronym for “Cache in/Trash out”. During geocaching trips you may need to throw away trash items or may encounter litter near a cache site. Bring one for yourself and leave one inside the cache box (empty of course) for the next geocacher to use.

Final Thoughts

Geocaching gear items are useful for the success and enjoyment of your caching adventures. With a little preparation, each trip can be a memorable experience.

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