What Florida Cities Use Opticom GPS?

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Opticom is not a new name in the telecom arena; their traffic management systems have been famous in the industry for the past 35 years. Now, the Opticom™ GPS System, as well as Opticom™ Infrared system are gaining widespread popularity, and alongside the intelligent bus transits, Opticom GPS systems will enable folks to track all the roads, check their whereabouts in unknown land, and find the nearby tourist spots, gas stations, lounges, restaurants, and do much more.

What is Opticom GPS?

The Opticom GPS System combines the goodness of secure radio communications with GPS technology so as to gain priority at equipped intersections. As a result, transit as well as emergency service vehicles can be managed efficiently, and traffic flow can be streamlined, better than ever before.

Opticom Central Management Software, and GPS systems can be combined to manage usage at each intersection, as well as across the system, manage system security, configuration, and equipment inventory. And, the good part of the story is that it’s all supported with rigorous training, fully fledged installation, and setup services for ensuring reliability, and high performance in the long run.

What Florida Cities Use Opticom GPS?

Not too many cities in Florida have started using the Opticom GPS system, but to name a few, North Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, city of Boca Raton, and Miami-Dade have been authorized formally to make use of the Opticom GPS for efficient traffic management and surveillance.

Opticom GPS in North Lauderdale, Florida

City commission authorized purchase of seven Opticom GPS Systems as part of the 2008 assistance to firefighters grant, subject to maximum limit of $21,700.00, but there have been several issues with the finalization of an effective date, as well as administration.

Benefits of Using Opticom GPS for Emergency Services

There are a whole lot of benefits of using Opticom GPS for emergency services, as they provide faster response as every second counts in today’s urban life.

It uses first-come, first-serve authorization, thereby improving the safety by eliminating right-of-way conflicts at intersections.

Moreover, it facilitates safer, and efficient movement through turns, and provides enhanced data reporting, as well as precise activation. It helps in minimizing traffic disruption, and also integrates into current cabinets pretty easily.

It is fairly easy to integrate with industry standard communications apps, and software enables effortless management, and implementation.

How Much Does It Cost to Implement Opticom GPS System?

The Opticom GPS system costs $3,000 per vehicle, and $5,300 for every intersection. But, the good news is that states and respective cities in a particular state can make use of the $40 billion annual highway trust fund granted by federal government. Another handy source of funds is the transportation bill passed in 2005 that had granted about $193 billion.

Currently, cities like Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix that have sprawl problems are quickly looking at such implementations, taking a lesson from places like Dallas and Portland, which clearly prove that an additional green light can make a world of difference.

It is expected that many more cities in Florida, and other states of US will make use of Opticom GPS system in near future.