What is Bluetooth GPS? Understanding Bluetooth GPS Technology

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What is Bluetooth GPS?

Bluetooth GPS is a global positioning system, which is a system that provides precise geographical location information, powered by Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a technology that lets mobile devices exchange data over an open wireless protocol using radio waves within a small area. This means a Bluetooth GPS device can transmit geographical data to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device such as laptops, smartphones and PDAs.

How Does a Mobile Device Receive Information Via Bluetooth GPS?

Mobile devices need to have Bluetooth capability to communicate wirelessly with a Bluetooth GPS device. Global navigation satellites gather and organize accurate and precise geographical location and time data. When the relevant data is ready, it can now be accessed by several services depending on their needs. These services include GPS devices. A Bluetooth GPS device requests geographical information from the global navigation satellites and once it receives its requested data, it will then wirelessly transmit the information to the Bluetooth-enabled mobile device. The distance between the Bluetooth GPS device and the Bluetooth-enabled mobile device should be short to get the most reliable and strong connection possible. This interaction between a Bluetooth GPS device and a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device effectively turns the two devices into a GPS navigation unit that can provide users with turn-by-turn directions from their current location to a target destination.

Bluetooth GPS Features

Bluetooth GPS devices have some common features with some additional functionalities that vary from device to device. These common features include turn-by-turn navigation, ability to use different kinds of maps, directions and accessories that make bringing the device anywhere easily and conveniently. You can check different Bluetooth GPS devices offer varied specialized features that focus on different users’ needs and wants. Just remember that the first thing you need to consider is if it can help you navigate when you’re on the move.

Now that you know the answer to “What is Bluetooth GPS?”, it’s time discuss what else it is capable of. The marriage of these two technologies, with some assistance from accessories and additional features only available on some devices, poses several possibilities in terms of mobile applications, telecommunications and global navigation.

Other Uses of Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth GPS devices can interface with your mobile phone. With the right software installed, your Bluetooth GPS device can track your mobile phone within a reasonable distance. It can also inform you if you have an incoming call on your mobile phone even if it is not with you or if it is trapped somewhere beneath your other belongings. Some Bluetooth GPS devices also have built-in microphones and speakers. These devices can function as a wireless headset for your mobile phone. You may even manage your phonebook contacts from a capable Bluetooth GPS device.

Keep in mind that using your Bluetooth GPS device as a wireless headset may not be a good idea since it relies on the distance between your mobile phone and your Bluetooth GPS device. There is also the issue of compatibility between Bluetooth GPS devices and mobile phones.