Top 10 BlackBerry GPS Applications: Find Your Way Home on Your Smartphone

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BlackBerry for the longest time was the poor second cousin of iPhone. The phones didn’t have as many BlackBerry applications, and few people were developing any. But, in recent years, that has dramatically changed. Now, BlackBerry has plenty of applications, including BlackBerry GPS applications. So, here is our list of the best BlackBerry GPS applications.

BlackBerry Maps & nmea2go

1. BlackBerry Maps allows users to view maps and get step-by-step directions to any destination. Users can also view local businesses and restaurants. This app is free.

2. nmea2go allows BlackBerry users to lookup locations on a Garmin GPS system. Then, they can transmit these coordinates to Google Maps, which then can be looked up on the user’s BlackBerry device. If the user does not have a Garmin GPS, this application can be used with any NMEA capable GPS system. A user’s location can be viewed in real time. The app is $10.00 online.

Geocache Navigator & AllSport GPS

3. Want to go geocaching with your BlackBerry? Well, the Geocache Navigator allows a user to do just that. Users can download the app based on what BlackBerry that they have. Users can download the app and scroll through the online geocache database to find the nearest one. There is a monthly fee for this service.

4. The AllSport GPS app has several versions based on what model that the user is using. The app is meant to be used to track a user’s sports performance, tracking speed, record times, elevation, burned calories and distance. There’s also a setting to virtually race your previous speeds. There is a monthly fee for this service.

Trimble Outdoors & Berry Locator

5. Trimble Outdoors is geared towards BlackBerry users that go off-roading. Users can use their BlackBerry as a virtual trail map to find locations off the beaten path. There is a monthly fee for this service.

6. Can’t remember where the BlackBerry is? Well, the Berry Locator allows users to find their BlackBerry via email. The app will locate the GPS device and send an email to the user with the location and a map to that location. This can be used with BlackBerry with the 4.1 or higher operating systems. The app is $6.99 online.

SendAFix & TOPO! Explorer

7. SendAFix emails or texts the user’s current location to others. Others can also request a user’s location via this app. Users can create groups who can access their locations or select friends who can receive the user’s location. The app is $6.99 online.

8. TOPO! Explorer is a free GPS app that allows users to download maps and save them to the device’s memory card. The maps themselves will have to be bought. BlackBerry users can also download a free map editing app that allows users to generate customized maps.

9. NavFunPro allows BlackBerry users to take advantage of both Google Maps and Google Earth. The app basically converts the BlackBerry into an all terrain GPS system. Destinations are then stored online so that they can be accessed later. Maps are continually updated, and users can find information on businesses, weather and cities. The app is approximately $26.00 online.

10. The Enpronomics SOS Tracker sends out an SOS signal to a selected contact. This signal includes the GPS coordinates of the user. Local emergency personnel numbers can be programmed into the phone and selected as the SOS contact. Users can take advantage of this emergency feature simply by pressing the side button three times. The app is approximately $26.00 online.