Garmin Nuvi Hacks: What You Should Know About Them

Garmin Nuvi Hacks: What You Should Know About Them
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The Need to Update Garmin Devices

Garmin Nuvi hacks are used by some technically savvy owners to update information on their GPS units especially after they had it for a while. We live in a world that is constantly changing in terms of new roads being added, existing thoroughfares being shut down for construction, and Points of Interest (POIs) changing for a myriad of different reasons. Of course, Garmin adjusts to these changes accordingly by issuing updated software from time to time and publishing a new City Navigator in June of each year. But you have to pay for it.

MapSource is Garmin’s mapping software that comes with their devices. You can learn all about how it operates, including using the Garmin website, CD-Rom, or an SD card to add new information to your device, by reading Garmin MapSource Information. That article is part of a series which also has information about free third party maps. You might also find the directions in How to Get Upgrades for Your GPS helpful.

Garmin Nuvi GPS devices are primarily units designed for vehicles for the purposes of navigating highways, back roads, and city streets of virtually wherever you happen to be in the world. POIs tell people where they can find anything that they might find of interest such as a Thai restaurant, a sporting goods store, or an art gallery. Users have the means to add their own POIs to their device depending upon their preferences. Nuvis have over six million POIs installed but businesses fail or move which is just another reason for updates which some folks like to do by hacking their device.

Resources for Garmin Nuvi Hacks

Hacks can be rather technically involved, the procedures are not always guaranteed to work, and in some cases they can actually damage your device. And obviously Garmin wants you to purchase the updates when necessary. However, that isn’t the case when a mistake or glitch is in the software. It’s free then and you can learn all about that in the map series referenced above.

I’ve never done it myself which is why I’m going to send you to resources (websites) and forums dedicated to finding out new ways to do this, bucking the system so to speak, below. The instructions can be lengthy but they usually provide screenshots to assist you in the process. Prepare to spend some time alone with your device.

One of the quickest ways to see what methods are available to hack your Garmin is to type in the specific Nuvi model into your search engine followed by “hack” to see what can be done. If it seems like a reputable source than give it a go but remember, I’m just the messenger here.

GPS Software Hub and GPS are two places that I found that might assist you. Explorist GPS is another source to consider. Looking to update your Nuvi model all together? We’ve got reviews for just about every model on our Bright Hub channel here. All you have to do is type in the particular Nuvi model number you’re considering or simply type in Nuvi reviews and all of the options will appear. There you have it, good luck and I hope these resources are helpful for your hacking endeavors.