Insight to TomTom One Application Software

Insight to TomTom One Application Software
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Overview of TomTom One

For its price, TomTom One is a stellar GPS navigation system. The design of TomTom One is very sleek; it fits into one’s pocket unobtrusively. The preloaded maps on the SD card of the navigator include topographies of Canada and United States.

It is equipped with many options and offers good scope of customization. It can even avoid the city’s arteries, and by default the TomTom One chooses faster alternatives on the city streets.

It also works well, where the receivers of the GPS system completely lose its signal. The TomTom One has a very great range of features for tourists too.

Now, let us take a good look at all the aspects of TomTom One application software.

What’s Included in the Latest TomTom One Upgrade?

In case you’re living in the ancient world of TomTom without the new features like Help ME!, it is about time you upgraded to the latest version.

In the latest version, you find ‘Help ME!’ option, along with a fresh ‘Route Overview’ option, which is pretty much similar to the TomTom ONE GO 720 interface.

There are many more facilities provided in the latest version of the TomTom One application software, which include the TomTom MapShare option too.

TomTom MapShare


You can have the TomTom MapShare capabilities on the TomTom ONE XL by upgrading your TomTom ONE XL software to version 7.120.

With TomTom MapShare, you get six different types of on-the-fly changes to your maps, including the capabilities to reverse direction, (un)block a street in one/two directions, add, rename or remove a POI (point of interest), name/rename a street, and add/change a POI phone number.

With TomTom MapShare get all these facilities and much more, that too totally free of cost!

Installing TomTom Home

TomTom Home

If you don’t have TomTom HOME installed on your PC, it is highly recommendable to do so right away!

Sure thing, you may have been avoiding this because you get an irritating pop-up asking you to upgrade every time; but it is definitely worth it.

All you need to do is to click on the ‘upgrade now’ option, and wait for few moments to get the TomTom HOME upgrade done.

This will allow your TomTom ONE XL unit to have the latest operating system on it. You may want to put the ‘Status Bar’ on the side of the screen to improve the layout.

Media Center for TomTom

The Media Center for TomTom allows playback of video content supported by all TomTom integrated portable GPS navigation devices.

It also comes bundled with conversion tool facilitates that allows conversion of TomTom video content in various formats, which mainly include batch compression, subtitles, video quality and size tuning, default audio level boosting, test conversion, and cropping.

What’s more, you can playback the compressed TomTom movie file from the built-in hard disk or a flash memory card as well.

You can download Media Center for TomTom here.

Pros and Cons

The device connects through the Bluetooth with a range of the compatible phones for the optional services of TomTom like traffic updates, weather reports, etc.

With the brilliant TomTom One application software, one can choose from numerous languages for both the spoken and the user interface commands.

Just like other GPS devices, many imperfections were found in the commands of TomTom One in the off-freeway environments, especially below the range of 100 yards. But, of course at times, the brain and eyes of the driver are going to be vital, and no data on the map or voice commands are going to help in such cases.

On the downside, one cannot plan the itinerary using the PC software of TomTom. However, the interface of the TomTom One application software is simply impeccable.

Handy Resources

You may also want to take a look at TomTom One troubleshooting guide or this help guide for TomTom units.