TomTom GO910 Will Not Power Up: Troubleshooting Tips for the TomTom GO 910

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Many customers have reported that TomTom GO 910 doesn’t power up completely, but only a green power LED glows when you press the power switch. And, many similar problems have been reported with the TomTom GO 910 unit, including the inability to lock onto satellite signal quickly.

Troubleshooting Steps when TomTom GO 910 Doesn’t Power Up

On many occasions, your TomTom GO 910 will not power up, and shows no signs of life; you can try the following troubleshooting steps in such cases. Note: these steps also apply to the TomTom GO 510.

1. Press the reset button

2. Power up your TomTom GO 910

3. Connect main charger

4. Take out the SD memory card for some time and then put it back

5. Try combination of these steps by changing the order of execution

You may succeed in certain cases, while you may have very little success on other occasions. If your TomTom GO910 doesn’t power up even after trying these troubleshooting steps, you may try to dismantle the unit, take out the battery, and memory card, and leave it for some time.

More Troubleshooting Tips for The TomTom GO 910

On many occasions, the circuit board of your TomTom may be the source of the trouble. In such cases, dismantling and keeping the device idle for several minutes may probably be the only solution available at your disposal; but, if the problem persists, you may have to take it to the TomTom repair/service center.

More so, dismantling your TomTom may be a bit tedious and time consuming, so it is advisable to have a spare battery as a backup; this may turn out to be very helpful when the original battery (that comes with the device as a part of the box contents) doesn’t hold the charge long enough.

Keep Your Receipt & Invoice Copy Safe

Indeed, most of these problems have been discovered to be TomTom warranty problems, and the company won’t be able to deal with them, so long as you don’t produce a valid receipt of the purchase.

Another Vital Tip

Pressing the power off button on your TomTom causes it to enter the sleep mode; but even in this state the device will continue to eat up the battery. You can use a tooth pick, stylus or a paper clip to tap the reset button located at the bottom of the device, in case you’re planning to leave it as such for long hours. And, of course you should charge your TomTom GO 910 completely before performing all these troubleshooting steps.

So, there you have it; all the tips and tweaks that you can try when you feel that the TomTom GO 910 GPS unit will not power up with a usual reset tap.

If the problem persists, it may be case of a defective unit, and you can seek repair/replacement under the TomTom warranty coverage; so keep your invoice copy safe!

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