Learn How to Disable GPS Tracking On Vehicles

Learn How to Disable GPS Tracking On Vehicles
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GPS System in Your Vehicle

Some people want to know how to disable GPS tracking on vehicles. Maybe you are not comfortable being continually tracked by a GPS system. There are ways to disable GPS tracking systems in cars and trucks, but unfortunately, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Learn how to disable gps tracking on vehicles GPS systems are all around us Most new cars come with built-in GPS (global positioning satellite) systems. These GPS systems for cars and trucks are very useful since you can find out where you are if you get lost or find your vehicle if it has been stolen. Parents are also using these GPS systems to keep track of new teenage drivers.

Disabling the GPS Tracking System in Your Vehicle

First of all, you need to locate the device. They’re not all in the same place. If you buy a new car, you can always ask the dealer to remove the device before you leave the car lot. If your car is not new, you’re going to have to locate it yourself and turn it off. Sometimes the devices are built directly into the vehicle itself. This means that if you do locate it, you simply need to remove the fuse from the GPS device. Don’t forget, even if you do disable the GPS tracking system in your car or truck, you may still be able to be tracked by your cell phone or other device. To completely disable the GPS system in your car, you should consider buying the GPS Tracker Defense.

GPS Signal Jammers

You can purchase GPS jammers through various websites online such as TheSignalJammer.com There is one caveat with these devices. It will disable all other GPS devices in the car, including your Magellan, Garmin or TomTom car navigation system. Once you purchase the GPS system, it’s pretty easy to install it. Simply plug the device into your car or truck cigarette lighter. It should start working as soon as you plug it in. If it doesn’t, pull out the manual, and check to see if there’s anything else that you need to do. As soon as the device is working, every automotive GPS system in your car or truck will be shut off. You will no longer be able to be tracked by any GPS device, including the GPS in your cell phone. While it is your choice, you should consider this carefully before you go about disabling your GPS device. Just consider this. You’re lost in a strange town in the middle of the night. You can’t find a business open. Or, you’re on the open road and break down, and there’s no business in sight. In these situations, a GPS device could help you find out where you are and get you back to where you belong. Or, it could help you tell the tow truck driver how to find your location when even you don’t know where you are. As long as you know how to disable GPS tracking on vehicles, you should also know how to re-enable it in the case you need assistance. Image Credit: Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay