Learn How to Hook Up GPS to Sony PSP with This Tutorial

Learn How to Hook Up GPS to Sony PSP with This Tutorial
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Gadgets nowadays can do more than what they are supposed to do. Some instances would be the Nintendo DSi having a multi-function camera, the iPod touch having the ability to access the net, and now, the PSP getting the GPS of the area’s vicinity through satellite monitoring.


The GPS function for the PSP can be now acquired through the purchase of a GPS receiver gadget which is available on the internet and in some stores across the country. Users can also ask the help of an experienced technician or tweaker who can do the process even without buying the said GPS receiver. The owner of the PSP can do the process on his own, too.


This article will provide a step-by-step process of installing the GPS system on a PSP. It is a strong recommendation that the person read the whole steps first before doing the said action in order to avoid any damages caused by inaction. The same thing applies for finding a technician to do the tweaking, since modifying the contents of the PSP will always be a delicate task, no matter how experienced the person is.

Steps to hooking up GPS to a PSP

1. These files should be prepared beforehand. Most of these files are very technical; typing the term using search engines should be done carefully.

  • A PSP firmware for customization, preferably version 3.30 OE-A
  • The psp-290GPS file
  • gmd10.4.16b file
  • MapThis0499_beta file
  • 3[1].30-OE-A_prx file
  • mapViewer_v03 file

These files are to be downloaded from different sites.

2. Once the files are downloaded, the PSP should now be connected to the PC.

3. Access the game folder of your PSP.

4. Find the mapviewer_v03 file and open.

5. Find the 1.5 folder and open it.

6. Choose the two folders and drag them towards the game folder of the console.

7. You should double-check if the file is indeed there. Once verified, you should open the MapThis0499_beta file.

8. Access the psp-290 folder.

9. Click the eboot and copy it to the mapviewer folder inside the game folder. Make sure that the ‘%’ sign is not included in the folder’s name.

10. Access the folder named ‘system’ on the MapThis folder and copy it to the mapviewer folder. The prompt will ask you about replacing the file. Click the “Yes to All” button.

11. View the mapviewer folder. Get rid of the maps pre-installed in there. Those are not necessary.

12. Double-click on the 3[1].30-OE-A_prx file. Copy the two files with the .prx extension and paste them to the mapviewer folder. These files are the ones who will enable you to use the maps and the GPS receiver add-on.

13. Access the gmdl0.4.16b folder and then to the bin folder. Open the debug folder and extract it to a place where you can easily access it, example on your desktop.

14. Once extracted, access the folder and find the Global Map Download software. Double-click on it.

15. A map will be presented. Zoom in a particular vicinity of your choice.

16. Once done choosing, click Preview to see the map.

17. Give a name for your personal map. The “_” sign should always be placed in the beginning of the file name.

18. Once ready, click the Download Map button.

19. A map will pop out again. Choose the areas that you do not prefer to look at.

20. Click the long button. The map is now being generated.

21. Once done, you can find the map on the debug folder.

22. Access your personalized map, copy and paste it to the maps folder located inside the mapviewer folder on your PSP.

23. Open the GPS software on your PSP and click on the map file you just pasted.

24. You can now see the map. If you happen to have a GPS device, you can also use it together with the map you just made.


The process may be a bit hard for beginners, but it will be definitely a great add-on once installed properly. The PSP-GPS feature should come in very handy for those people who are fond of driving around the city while bringing with them their favorite game console.