GPS Handheld Units: A Guide on How to Perform the Best Review on Portable GPS

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There are many reviews of handheld GPS units on the market. However, how can one determine that the reviews of the handheld GPS systems are legit? Also, how can a consumer perform their own review of a portable GPS? There are a few characteristics that one should note when performing research on what types of portable GPS unit to buy. Let’s take a look at the factors that consumers should focus on when performing a review of a portable handheld unit.

Technical Specifications

For users who are not computer savvy, technical specifications might sounds like a different language. However, here are some things to look out for. Make sure that the unit has enough built-in memory so that an array of maps can be installed on the unit. Some handheld units come with preloaded maps and some do not. If you are not good with installing programs, then it’s better to get preinstalled maps on your GPS device.

Weight is an important aspect of the review process as consumers want the lightest GPS available without having to skimp on features. Screen-size and usability should be looked at carefully because there’s nothing more frustrating than fumbling around with a portable GPS. There are even touch screen portable navigation systems that allow the user to access data through touch navigation. Most portable navigation units use batteries and the amount of battery life is an important characteristic to look for. A good portable GPS should hold at least a 10 hour charge with full battery.


The quality of features on a GPS system can be the additional push that it takes for a consumer to purchase the device. Besides being a GPS device, some navigation systems also come with geocaching, barometers and altimeters. Besides geographical reading equipment, some units even come with cameras, sound recorders and flashlights. The amount of features on the device should be taken into consideration, especially when both devices cost about the same.


What types of accessories does the device come with? A good handheld unit will come at least with a USB cable (to load maps onto the unit) and a carrying case.


Design comes into play as everyone will have their personal preference. Some units come with a sleek black look while others look more like a smart phone. Remember to review whether the GPS system has a waterproof casing and if the outside of the system is surrounded with a shock resistant barrier. Besides design, a consumer should be aware of how resilient the equipment is.


Everyone is on a budget, but do not let price be the determining factor on your purchase. If you can afford the extra hundred dollars and have all the features that you desire, then go ahead and purchase that model. There’s nothing like regretting a purchase. Remember, it all depends on the amount you can afford for the GPS unit.

Remember to review websites such as and to get the best reviews of handheld GPS units. These websites focus specifically on reviewing GPS devices and are a great way to get an un-biased opinion before considering a purchase.