Using Your GPS to Help Prevent Car Accidents And Deal With The After Effects

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Nobody enjoys being in a car accident, there noisy, messy, expensive and to be pointed, they can end in serious injury or even death. Most of us will do just about anything to avoid them, except for stop driving. Thankfully, taking your chances on the open road has gotten a lot safer thanks to certain GPS features. That’s right, your GPS can not only make your drive easier, but also safer. Do you want to know how? Just keep reading.

Basic GPS Safety Features

When you use a paper map or directions printed from Mapquest they can only go one of two places, your dashboard or the passenger seat. The problem with these two locations is simple; they are not the road. The road is where all drivers should be looking. Since GPS units can be attached to your windshield you can keep an eye on the traffic.

You Will Never Turn the Wrong Way Again

If you have ever been lost in a city and made a quick turn only to find yourself going the wrong way on a one way street then you can appreciate this feature. If you get off track your GPS will automatically reroute you (in most cases). Once it is done recalculating your route it will give you a safe alternate route, no guess work required.

Handsfree GPS and Phone Safety

Many newer GPS models come with built-in voice commands and Bluetooth compatibility. This ability means you can make changes on the fly or take calls without having to look away from the road. That is always a good thing for the driver. Typically hands free units offer loud speakers and quick mobile phone connectivity which makes using them a frustration free experience.

Keep Yourself Safe With Updated GPS Options

The number one thing that you can do to help your GPS keep you safe is to keep it updated regularly. The second thing is to use it as per the instructions. This means you should not be fiddling with the device while you are on the road. Simply pull over if you need to make any changes.

Just In Case You Do Crash - Emergency Help

If you do find yourself in a car accident your GPS can still help you out. Some models have a built in beacon which will let first responders know where you are, much like the feature found on OnStar systems. The emergency feature can also do so much more than just provide accident help. Most new models also allow you to use hands free dialing to local police and hospitals, along with other emergency services found in your immediate vicinity, in case you need to give them a call directly. You can also find nearby hospitals and police stations on many new systems and receive immediate driving directions.