How to Reverse the Routes on My Garmin GPS

How to Reverse the Routes on My Garmin GPS
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Finding Your Way Back

Getting to a location with your GPS is easy. It is reversing the route that can be tricky. Sure, it would be great if you could just tap on the words, ‘reverse this route’, and get turned around. For many users, this is not an option. Let’s take a look at some of the reverse route options for your Garmin GPS. We will look at them in order – from the one that requires the least technical skill to the one that requires the most technical skill.

Be Sure That Your Model Does Not Have The Feature Already

A few of the newer Garmin models already have the coveted reverse route feature. It is built into them. If you have a Garmin 60C then you already have the reverse route feature. You will find this option in the ‘Navigate to’ menu. Just be aware that you cannot do this until you have begun your route. No calculating both ways at the outset of the trip.

Use Your “Navigate To” Option

It may not be the simplest way to do things, but you can just recalculate. Set the device to the original address. You can do this by opening the ‘Navigate to’ menu and inputting the address you started from. It may take up some extra time, but in a pinch it will work.

Use Mapsource

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Hopefully, you have already installed this software on your computer. You got it when you bought the GPS. It is the software that came on the included disk. You can use Mapsource to create two waypoints. The you can connect them to with a route. Then you can reverse it. Just in case, you are not familiar with the workings of Mapsource, here are directions for these steps.

Creating a Waypoint

1. Select the start point for your trip, on your map.

2. Click on the waypoint button.

3. You just made your first waypoint.

Do this for both the start and the finish points.

Create a Route

1. Select the route button (this looks like a pink line that is connecting 3 dots).

2. Click on the starting locations waypoint you made above.

3. Click on the end locations waypoint you made above.

You now have a route.

Reversing the Route

1. Click on the “Directions” tab.

2. Find the button labeled “Invert”.

3. Click on that button.

You now have reverse directions.

There you have it. All of your options for getting a reverse route with your Garmin GPS. Now, you can get anywhere you need to with no fuss. Happy driving.