GPS Uses: Shopping, Tracking, and More

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Welcome back to the second part of the series on the uses of GPS! In this piece we will continue what you began earlier by introducing you to more ways to make your life better (or safer) with the use of GPS technology.

GPS For The Elderly - Monitoring Your Loved Ones

Do you need to be sure that Grandpa is out of the VFW telling war stories to his friends and not stuck at the bottom of the stairs when he doesn’t answer the phone? Well, GPS can tell you that. Unlike with a child using GPS tracking on an adult should be done with permission. Always be sure to consider both the ethical and legal implications of tracking a parent. In any respect, this is a good way to ensure your older loved ones are safe at all times.

Finding Your Runaway Pet

Losing a pet is traumatic and most microchips rely upon the dog being found, but a new breed of chips gives you GPS tracking. Some are subdermal, but most are on tags or in collars, for now. They will probably never replace conventional tags, but they can help find your pets, in many cases by provided turn-by-turn directions to their location by using your computer or phone.

Gadget Based GPS Tracking - Retrieve Your Laptop And Phones

Losing a laptop or phone often means the loss of a major investment. It can also mean that your personal data can be at risk. That makes getting your computer or phone back oftentimes a major concern. Software exists that can also help you to use GPS to track the whereabouts of your system. Just be aware that the software will not do you any good if you don’t have some type of GPS receiver available for use, so just be sure to install hardware before you use it.

To Not Get Lost at Sea

Boat navigation which use to rely on stars and sextants has now gone digital. Once only reserved for cargo ships, nautical GPS systems have come down in price enough to be of use to the hobby sailor.

Finding Local Shops

Many cell phone based models of GPS, as well as car-based devices have a local search feature. You can find everything from the closest gas station to the nearest diner with this feature. They do very in quality by the place that they get listings from, but it comes in handy if you are on the road, in a foreign city or just in the mood for a change.

Now that you have an idea of how GPS can enhance your life you can decide which type of devices are right for you. Then again, it may be an application that has yet to come about that changes your life.

Keep your eyes out for cool new technologies that are based on GPS and you will not be disappointed.

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