Should I Buy a Refurbished TomTom GPS?

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Getting your hands on a GPS means getting a new tool, one that ensures you never find yourself lost in the middle of Montana at three A.M., wishing desperately for a map or at least a cop that you can flag down. They can also take quite a toll on your wallet. If buying a GPS new is too much for your budget right now, then look at a refurbished model. They can be nice alternative to get the best of both worlds. Of course, before you whip out your credit card and buy your latest toy there are a few things that you may want to consider.


How much will I save with a refurbished Tom Tom vs. New Tom Tom?

That will depend greatly on the model that you choose and where you get it from. Depending on the seller and the location you can typically receive between 10 and 50 percent off of the price that you would pay if you were to buy it brand new from the store.

Does a refurbished Tom Tom come with any kind of a warranty?

If you buy from an authorized reseller, either in person (at a retail location) or through a site such as Amazon then you will receive a warranty that ranges in length from 30-90 days. You should ask the reseller, or look at the terms on the site to find out exactly which warrantee you are getting before you buy. If you buy a refurbished model from a retail venue then you will have the same 30-90 days of protection. That way you will not be stuck out in the cold if you get a lemon. If you buy from a store, then you will want to do something that tests it out within the first day or so. That way if you have a lemon, then you will know as soon as possible and you can get it back to the store before the warrantee period is out. Do not wait for the last day to test it.

Will a refurbished Tom Tom come with the needed cords and mounts?

Yes, it should come with the cords, and if the original model comes with one, a case. A mount is something that you will have to buy. Check with your reseller before you buy to find out what specifically does and does not come with your model.

How Can I Get One?

You can get a list of sellers from the where to buy page from Tom Tom main site. This wil give you a handy list of both online and real life retailers to shop at.

Now that we have looked at the three big issues, feel free to make a decisions about whether a refurbished Tom Tom is right for you.