Free TomTom Maps - How to Find and Download TomTom Maps and Updates

Free TomTom Maps - How to Find and Download TomTom Maps and Updates
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Free TomTom Maps

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Getting free TomTom maps updates can be a bit of a pain. Arguably, the most annoying part of the update process is paying for new map updates. After all, you spend several hundred dollars on a GPS when you buy the device, so paying for map updates almost seems like a rip-off. Sure, 30 dollars for an update may seem nominal, but that price will be an extra 30 dollars added to the price of the device. Note that some devices come with free TomTom map updates for the life of the device. Be sure to check with TomTom support before purchasing or going through other means. 

Somehow, I am sure that you can think of a few better things to do with that money. Of course, that estimate assumes that you don’t run into any special circumstances like a town that decides to re route streets or revitalize the downtown area. Those situations may require yet another upgrade.

Now that you know why paying for upgrades can end up entailing more than one cost let’s look at ways that you can get new Tom Tom maps for free.

User Generated Updates

Getting maps that have been updated by other users has two main advantages. First is the cost (free), and second is that you may just discover some sweet new hangouts in your area, after all TomTom doesn’t have the time to scout out every location in every area, but their small army of users may. You can obtain these new maps through TomTom Map Share. You can also get more information about TomTom Map Share here. Just be aware that you will need to connect to a PC before you can obtain an update with this service.

If you want to get user generated updates use these steps.

  1. Connect to TomTom Home
  2. Download the TomTom Map Share application for your model by looking for the drop down box and then selecting your model. Finally then click on “Install.” (If you have already downloaded map share then you can skip this step).
  3. You should now be asked if you want to download available map updates, go ahead and tell the system “yes.”
  4. Now, you will be given a choice of sources to update from. Check the boxes next to “Corrections Verified by Tom Tom” and “Corrections Reported by Many.”
  5. Click on “Done”.

Freebies and Promos

Every once and a while TomTom will give away updates as part of a promotion, or to a specific base of users. If you keep your ear to the digital ground, checking the Official Tom Tom support downloads site every month, or even every few weeks, you may be able to snag one of these free updates when they come around. This step does involve a much more proactive approach to spotting free maps, but it could save you $30 or more.

Now you know how to get your hands on some free new maps for your TomTom GPS, just be aware that you are going to need to on the lookout for those specials, and don’t shy away from user generated content just because it’s not provided by experts.

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