How to Use Magellan 400 GPS

How to Use Magellan 400 GPS
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The Easy Way Guide for Using a Magellan 400 GPS

The portability of the Magellan 400 GPS is not the only reason why it is popular in the market. Features like unlimited SD (secure digital) cards, fourteen tracking channels, high speed USB data port, seventeen hours of battery life, and more useful functions made the Magellan 400 GPS stay in the market.

To let you benefit from all the useful features of the Magellan 400 GPS, here some clues on how to use the Magellan 400 GPS


  1. Turn on your Magellan device by pressing its power button. The power button is located at the top right side of the device. Press the enter button when the start up screen appears. If this is the first time that you are using your Magellan 400, there will be automatic prompts that will appear on the screen. The prompts usually contain questions that will configure your device like language, time, date, location, and others.
  2. Arrive at your destination by first computing your location and navigating the “GOTO” menu of the device to set up your route. By doing these two things, the Magellan 400 GPS is able to compute your movement and give you turn by turn instructions until you reach your destination.
  3. Press the “MARK” button to create a point of interest and save your position for later access.
  4. Access the navigation screen of your Magellan 400 GPS by pressing the NAV button or ESC button on your device. The navigation screen of the GPS lets you look at the maps and zoom it in or out. By accessing the navigation screen, you may customize the map information of the device.
  5. Display the street or road information by accessing the map screen. The map screen is viewed by accessing the navigation system. Once you are already in the map screen, just press the menu and highlight the CUSTOMIZE PAGE by using the device navigational arrow then press ENTER and choose STREET INFO before pressing the ENTER button again.
  6. Compass Screen is a geographical arrow that aids the driver to view his destination. To access it, you have to press MENU and select CUSTOMIZE PAGE.
  7. If you want to get detailed information of your position in the form of text, then you have to go to the position screen. Accessing the position screen will also let you reset your trip odometer. Just press the NAV button then choose POSITION SCREEN. Again, press the MENU while in the position screen. Then highlight the RESET TRIP. Press Enter and then click on the YES.
  8. Viewing the satellite signal would require you to go on the NAV screen again and then choose SATELLITE STATUS.

This guide will help you know how to properly use your Magellan 400 GPS and make the most out of it. So, read carefully and follow the guidelines. Happy traveling!