GPS on a MacBook: Using Your Mac Laptop as a GPS

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Built-In GPS

The much wider use of the GPS has created a rise in the demand of its integration in different devices and gadgets. And, this demand is so bold that some consumers even send messages directly to their gadget manufacturers or create online forums to attract their interest. Most often, these messages and forums state and discuss the benefits that consumers could have with built-in GPS on their devices.

GPS on MacBooks: Issues and Concerns

The issue of built-in GPS on MacBooks has divided the opinions of the Mac user population. Some would agree that having a built-in GPS would be beneficial and would be of great convenience for them. But, other Mac users don’t seem to find the use and necessity of a GPS on laptops. This contradicting opinion of Mac users creates debate as to the cost, security, functionality, and efficiency of the product.

Here are some of the questions raised by the issue:

  • How much would built-in GPS cost?
  • What is the percentage of the Mac user population that wants GPS on their laptops compared to those who do not want it?
  • Do you find it convenient to have a wide screen in front of you while you are driving?
  • What is the strength of the signal that you can acquire using your laptop as your GPS device?

Other questions raised include concerns about security and tracking.

Mac users spend their time answering some of these questions or posting their own opinions and questions in the forums. So far, the manufacturer still does not respond to the demand of some users of including a built-in GPS on their MacBooks. The silence from the side of manufacturer pushes some of those who are in dire need of a GPS on their MacBooks to find an existing alternative.

Mac book GPS Alternatives

Although Mac doesn’t yet have a laptop with integrated GPS, a number of alternatives are in existence. These alternatives include downloading some programs on your MacBook that provides mapping and routing information. There are a couple more programs and applications that are offered by different sites, some are free and some are not. If you want to know which of them work best for your Mac, just read their user reviews and comments.

Another alternative for having a built-in GPS on your MacBook is buying a GPS device and connecting it to your laptop. Some of these devices communicate with your laptop through Bluetooth or special cables. Mac users have a number of brands and models to choose from. Garmin Mobile PC is one of the most suggested laptop GPS devices.

Because Garmin is a trusted brand when it comes to GPS, you can expect the most out of the GPS features on your MacBook. Garmin Mobile PC offers a handful of useful information that will keep you on track to your destination. Navigational information and travel and weather information are just few of the useful features that you can have with Garmin GPS on your MacBook.