Making a Geocache Puzzle More Interesting

Making a Geocache Puzzle More Interesting
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Begin at the Beginning

Making a geocache puzzle can enlighten a person as to how rewarding this outdoor scavenger hunt utilizing a handheld GPS device can be for the hider as well as the seeker. Usually it means coming up with some brain twisting question for which there is only one answer and that answer will somehow represent the location of the stash, meaning the coordinates or hints relating to anything on the ground where it’s located.

If you’re unfamiliar with the gist of locating a Geocache or need to brush up on your skills, please read How to Find a Geocache for some concise directions to send you on your way treasure hunting. The guidelines and tips you glean from that piece might prove to be very useful when you’re a far cry from civilization. Along the same lines as the subject matter right here is Making That Geocache Stash Very Difficult to Find. After reading that article you will be able to make a geocache very difficult to locate by employing various means and methods (chicanery and tomfoolery among them) described within. As you may gather these techniques discussed here are catered toward the more experienced participators in this GPS-assisted outdoor jaunt.

Riddle Me This

Many times the solutions to the puzzles are coordinates so you want your victims to harness their problem-solving skills. With that in mind although, be advised that it’s not always the case. Employing riddles is always a possibility whereby the answer leads to the geocache stash or another location where another riddle needs to be solved before the final boon is revealed.

You already know the basics of geocaching when you decide to get into puzzle oriented Geocaching. The best way for you to learn how to make your own is to become familiar with the types of puzzles already in use at geocaching sites all over the world. By seeing how geocachers have created and solved puzzles ranging from easy to very difficult, you will be well on your way to making your own particular brand of brain teaser.

The following is a good list of the types of puzzles you can create in order for people to locate geocaches: trivia/current events; wordplays; math; logical reasoning problems; cryptograms; hidden or deviously encrypted messages; sudokus; and lateral thinking which is essentially thinking outside the box.

The best place for you to learn all the ins and outs of puzzle-solving and puzzle-making is the The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. Some of the best information is already assembled there to better assist you with this task. There you will be presented with comprehensive information on all the riddle making techniques so you can challenge those on a GPS assisted quest to find their scaled down versions of the Holy Grail.

An Example

A puzzle might ask you to make 4 lines out of 9 dots without picking up your pencil which would require you to literally think outside the box.

The Solution

When the prospective puzzle-solvers come up with the solution that solution must somehow relate to the coordinates of the geocache stash. I leave that solution to your own problem solving skills. Good luck out there.

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