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amAze GPS Features

Normally, the use of GPS services drain the battery of your mobile phone, but you can avoid that by saving searched data and information on your phone. With amAze GPS, users may save and manage files on their phones. Through this feature, you may now retrieve and access navigational information whenever and wherever you need it. Aside from this file management feature, amAze also lets you view maps of Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as specific countries. Voice, textual, and visual guides are also among the coolest feature that amAze GPS has to offer, allowing you to keep on track with your destination in the most convenient and fun way. A keyword search is also available to help you save time looking for an address, location of a business, or other interests that you can think of. High resolution aerial shots of some cities and territories are also available as well as many other amazing features.

How to Install the amAze GPS

Installation of the amAze GPS software is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your phone is capable of running JAVA applications. It is also recommended that you use a phone with a high a resolution screen.
  2. Because GPS signals are sometimes sent via Bluetooth, it is suggested that your phone is Bluetooth ready. If not, you may purchase a Bluetooth connector from any of your favorite mobile brands and shops.
  3. Check the list of compatible mobile phone brands and models on the amAze website. Using the most compatible phone will let you enjoy the best of amAze GPS services and features. The site also automatically suggests the best available version for your mobile phone.
  4. Download Amaze directly onto your phone. If the request is sent via text, just follow the link given in the text message and download the application. Or, download it manually by opening the Internet browser on your mobile phone. Once the browser is ready, just log on to the amAze website. You may also use your desktop or laptop to download the application. Just log on to the amAze GPS website, register, and download the program. After downloading it on your computer, you may send it to your phone via Bluetooth, infrared, or USB cord, whichever works best for you. Most people prefer to download it directly to their phones because it is the fastest and easiest way.
  5. Activate the GPS in your phone first before running the application. GPS signals are indicated by a blinking light or some other icon depending on your specific mobile unit.
  6. According to your mobile unit, activate your Bluetooth.
  7. Launch the application on your phone, and approve the network connection. A password is required to protect users from unauthorized connections to others. It is also advisable that you turn off your GPS if you don’t need any information. This will stop transmission of data.

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