How to Make a Geocache Very Difficult to Find

How to Make a Geocache Very Difficult to Find
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Tips and Tricks for Hiding Geocaches

Learning how to make that geocache very difficult to find will most likely be the goal of the enthusiasts and hobbyists engaging in this outdoor treasure hunt with the aid of a handheld GPS device who are looking to make it more challenging. Adhere to a few of the tips and tricks below in order to make locating that geocache more elusive and thus rewarding when it is uncovered, like when a complicated puzzle or riddle is finally solved.

First off, if you want a quick run down of options refer to Types of Geocaching Hunts for a great list. There you’ll find descriptions of something not unlike a bread crumb trail whereby with each geocache found, a puzzle or riddle leads you to the next one. Hints and riddles might be employed in this multi-cache game. Also here are some great suggestions for making it educational so that the hunter learns something about the geology or natural history of the area in which the geocache is located.

Stump Them. Maybe Even Literally.

Use your vertical space. Those treasure hunters are going to assume that the hidden gems are on the ground at the coordinates that


their GPS directs them too. Stick it up in a tree or make use of a cliff face by placing it in a crevice. Of course some of these suggestions could get you hurt so don’t do them if you’re unwilling to accept that challenges in life can be dangerous and you want someone to blame when they happen. But if the vessel which is you wasn’t built for any safe harbor, push the edge and head off for those proverbial unknown shores through stormy seas. And if you’re really motivated and slightly morbid to boot, bury that thing six feet under. Perhaps all that effort uncovering the geocache might teach a person how valuable every moment of life is since we are all inevitably headed there someday.

But let’s get back to the point of all this, which is having fun in the great outdoors using that nifty and ever-improving GPS unit for tracking. Use the tools of cover and concealment; meaning cover up that stash with anything available, foliage, grass piles, branches, and pine cone heaps. You can even buy a spray on adhesive that you could coat the ammo can (treasures are often located in an ammo can) and then attach dirt, leaves, or anything else to really blend it in with the environment. Stuff it in a decaying stump. If the stash is to be placed somewhere in a neighborhood, take advantage of the ordinary stuff you might find in a yard which may seem like an unlikely candidate for a geocache housing apparatus. Perhaps a bird feeder, an operating sprinkler, or inside one of those fake rocks you can purchase. Or under a really heavy rock.

Now I’m sure there are also jaded pranksters among you who would be tempted to indoctrinate the dated waste of an animal like a cow or a dog but I’m not condoning that at all, unless of course, the shenanigans have already escalated to that level. What about bodies of water? Why not? Just place the treasure in a water-tight box and place it in a stream where it won’t be carried away or if you’re really cruel make them bust out the scuba gear to find it in deeper water. Or make it so they have to find it at night; that brings a whole new level of excitement to the game. So just use your imagination and you’ll find that hiding the geocache can be just as rewarding for body and mind for you as the finding will be for them.

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