Is the Loc8tor a Good Cat Pet Tracking Option?

Is the Loc8tor a Good Cat Pet Tracking Option?
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Finding that Lost Cat by Zeroing in on its Location

The Loc8tor utilizes technology akin to a homing beacon mechanism to locate your cat rather than a GPS system which allows you to track the animal remotely from a website on a computer. That kind of device was discussed in the previous article in the series detailing the PawTrack GPS cat locator. Even though this channel is dedicated to GPS technology, if you’re reading this you probably are seeking a way to keep dibs using something attached to the cat collar so we might as well delve into this product. Incidentally, it may be worth your while to read GPS Collars vs. Microchip Implants for Pets to get a good overview on the difference although as stated previously in this series, most GPS collars are only feasible for larger dogs.

The Loc8tor is a viable option for some cats because it’s small, lightweight, and not so bulky that it would greatly interfere with a cat’s

life once attached to their collar. Based on the same principle as the radio collars used to locate and track wild animals like wolves and bears in vast tracts of wilderness, the Loc8tor transmitter on the collar sends out a signal and the owner has a device which beeps with increasing frequency as they get closer to that receiver.

As the pet owner homes in on the feline at large, the receiver tracking device with a directional indicator they hold in their hand lets them know by beeping more and more. Hopefully, that system won’t jangle the pet or pet owner’s nerves too badly. It’s only 5 grams, way lighter than PawTrack GPS. However, bear in mind you have to be within 600 feet of the cat at large but it brings you to within an inch of that transmitting collar.

With all the accoutrements including the receiver, the transmitting collar, a battery pack, and waterproof tags, the cost can run you well above $200. Go to the Loc8tor website to get more specifics. Hopefully, you’ll rarely have to use this product but avoiding that heart sinking feeling when your pet is lost or hiding due to some kind of trauma, may be worth the peace of mind this tracking kit gives you.


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