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An Introduction to GPS Golf Units

Golf involves plenty of calculations to determine the different course targets and distances up to the desired holes. This creates considerable stress on golf players, especially if they are new to the game. Even experts sometimes tend to get stressed out by the guesswork. Incorporating GPS devices into the game, GPS vendors have created what we can call GPS caddies. These GPS golf units are available separately as GPS only for golf or collectively as part of any communication system such as a cell phone.

These GPS golf units not only calculate distances to targets but can also store the data about previous shots for future reference. I went through some research on GPS golf units to gather information on the technology and products available in market. The following sections brief the information on GPS caddies while showcasing some of the best GPS golf units available.

Golf Course GPS Reviews on GPS Caddies

Most of the golf course GPS reviews say that GPS golf units are available in two types. The first one is the GPS caddie in the form of a handheld device. The other form of GPS for golf is somewhat bigger and can be attached to the golf cart. According to the reviews, the handheld golf caddies are best for golfers for making private decisions.

Handheld GPS golf units are also easy to carry. They can be attached to your belt in a way that there is no obstruction that could create the possibility of GPS signal blackout that may ruin your game. The GPS golf units for golf carts are more prone to such signal blocks if the cart is not placed properly. Also, the placement of this GPS for golf determines the accuracy of the GPS measurements.

Among the features of golf caddies, the GPS golf units are capable of calculating the distance from the tee-off up to the green spot. According to some golf course GPS reviews, some golf units also keep track of the distance you travel thereby offering you more accurate GPS data. There is much GPS golf software available on the Internet that help you excel in the game. One such software is the GPS Golf PRO recommended by several golf course GPS reviewers. It claims that it can be simply downloaded to your GPS device and then you can just start using it.

Overall, the benefits of using GPS caddies are that you can have precise measurements instead of guesswork. You also get the measurements fast: imagine determining forty targets for a hole in less than a second! Thus, according to many golf course GPS reviews, the GPS caddies make your game not only precise but also fast thereby inducing more excitement into the game. This factor has created a large market for GPS golf units where different GPS vendors are bringing in powerful GPS caddies. The next section offers some of the best golf course GPS reviews on different golf GPS devices.

Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS lies in the price range of $479 to $499. This handheld golf GPS or golf caddie is waterproof and features a large touch screen. One can easily navigate through the different easy-to-understand menus displayed on the touch screen. The golf caddie contains 7K plus golf course pre-loaded in its database. More golf courses can be added to the GPS golf unit by way of downloads via Garmin’s website. The golf caddie G5 has the ability to display distances across many points on the courses. This golf GPS unit also offers a process for score-keeping.

SkyCaddie SG5 is yet another golf caddie in the price range of $359 to $399. This GPS golf unit has a large, true color display among many other features. The distances are displayed in large numerals. You can have the GPS golf unit hold at least forty targets while easily toggling between them. This golf caddie employs GPS ground stations for better accuracy. The database of this GPS golf unit contains 23K golf courses. You can get freebies and updates upon registering your golf caddie under several paid membership schemes.

Sonocaddie V300 lies in the range of $349 to $389. This golf caddie is also a handheld GPS golf unit with 3D display. It offers real-time tracking of your position while displaying almost all the targets at high resolution. In addition, this golf caddie contains other features that allow shot measurement, score-cards, game analysis, and course mapping. However, this GPS golf unit can hold only twenty golf courses at a time. The golf courses can be downloaded in addition to other updates when you register the golf caddie under different membership schemes.

Golf Buddy Pro GPS, another golf caddie, is available in the price range of $349 to $369. This GPS golf unit is capable of displaying the course from different angles. While the target information is auto-loaded into the golf GPS unit, this golf caddie also allows you to add up to eleven personal targets per hole. The best feature of this golf caddie is that it includes all North American courses in the built-in database. You also have the facility to download international golf courses. This GPS golf unit includes score-tracking and driving distance mode among its features.

While the abovementioned GPS golf units are ones currently selling the according to several golf course GPS reviews, you can also check out a GPS golf unit comparison charts for more information on different models of golf GPS units and golf caddies based on your specific budget.