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Downloading the Sprint Navigation software to your phone and subscribing to the Sprint Navigation plan gives you most features available on hand held GPS devices. Your cell phone will have the ability to provide turn-by-turn voice and onscreen directions to almost any location, with detailed information such as your current location, the next street on which you should turn and the distance to that street. Don’t worry if you miss that turn, though, as your Sprint Navigation system will immediately reroute you and get you back on track. You can also get an overview of the directions, listing the roads you need to travel as well as distances on each road.

Sprint Navigation is more than just a mapping service. You can also use it to search for businesses, fuel stations, parking and even wi-fi locations. You can save a location if you will need to find it again in the future, too. As for traffic, Sprint Navigation updates that factor every five minutes, helping you avoid accidents and road closures that can slow you down.


In order to install and use Sprint Navigation, you must have a supported phone, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem as dozens of phones are supported, from LG phones to Sanyo phones to Motorolas. You can find a complete list of supported phone makes and modes on the Sprint Navigation website.

Aside from a supported phone, you will also need to be on a Sprint Data Plan. If you are not currently on a Data Plan or are uncertain whether you are, contact Sprint to find out about upgrading before downloading Sprint Navigation to your mobile phone.

Once you are certain you have a supported phone and the right type of plan, you can download Sprint Navigation. From your cell phone’s main menu, go to My Content. Open Applications and then Get New Applications. Type Nav into the search field at the bottom of the screen and click Submit. Select Sprint Navigation, but be sure not to select the Demo version. Follow the on-screen prompts to download Sprint Navigation and start using it.

Fine Print

Sprint Navigation is free for you to use for five days after downloading it. After that, you have two options: use it for $2.99 per day; or sign up for the unlimited access plan at $9.99 per month.

Should you download Sprint Navigation without being on a Data Plan, that will cost you extra as well. Data usage charges will be applied to your account.

If you decide you want to cancel Sprint Navigation, you will need to call Sprint’s Customer Care. To do so from your Sprint cell phone, simply dial *2 and then press Talk.

Find user guides specific to your phone at the Sprint Navigation website. For more on using cell phones as GPS devices, check out Where to Find a Free Online Cell Phone Tracker, Cell Phone Navigation vs. Portable GPS and Using a GPS Phone for Your Hiking Trips.