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Trackable geocaching coins each have a unique tracking ID of some sort. With this ID, you and anyone who finds a trackable coin to log on to the corresponding website, enter the tracking ID and log the or view the latest location of the coin. Trackable geocaching coins can make for an interesting class project or just add to the enjoyment you get from geocaching.

If you find a geocaching coin, look for a web site address on it as well as a tracking ID. Many geocaching coins are trackable at, so you may want to check there first, but not all geocaching coins can be tracked there. When you go to the correct site, it will provide you with instructions on how to log where you found the geocaching coin. Then you can take it on your next geocaching hunt and leave it for someone else to find and log.

The Geocoin Store

The Geocoin Store offers dozens of different trackable geocaching coins. The coins range in price from about $7 to $10, they are trackable at, and come in a variety of cool choices. For example, the Red Name Tag geocoin looks just like one of those “Hello My Name Is” tags you are forced to wear at meetings and conventions, and is about the size of an actual name tag. You can even write your user name on it so that whoever finds it can get in touch with you.

USA Geocoins

USA Geocoins offers patriotic trackable geocaching coins featuring Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty. Other geocoins available include a version honoring firefighters, the official Groundspeak “cache in trash out” geocoin, and a “Fallen Heroes” geocoin, for which

$1.00 of every coin sold will go to Operation Homefront.

Prices of trackable geocaching coins at USA Geocoins range from around $5 to just under $15, with proceeds going to charities for many of the coins. Most of the coins sold here are trackable at

Coins and Pins

Coins and Pins features one of the most affordable, simplest trackable geocaching coins available: The Travel Slug. This no-frills geocaching coin comes in silver or gold, and costs just over $3. Coins and Pins has a wide variety of trackable geocaching coin categories, such as Benchmark geocoins, Scouting geocoins and Geo-Achievement geocoins. Most of the geocaching coins available run right around $10, and codes can be retrieved from

Monterey Company

If you are looking for a really special trackable geocaching coin, you might want to check out Monterey Company. They will make a set of custom geocoins based on a sketch you send them. Plan on investing some cash if you decide to go this route, though, as you will be required to purchase 100 custom trackable coins for $569.

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