GPS Mapping Software for Netbooks

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CoPilot Live 11

CoPilot Live 11 GPS navigation software offers step-by-step address entry, clear and colorful 2D and 3D map views and navigation-based services including real time traffic advisories. The software’s key features include up to 50 address entries in one trip, trip optimization through the most efficient route, multi-stop trips calculations in seconds, automatic re-routing when you miss a turn, an instant detour feature, create and save route reference as well as continuously updated information about your trip that includes ETA adjustment and the remaining distance to your destination.

Garmin Mobile PC

Garmin Mobile PC GPS navigation software adds full-feature navigation functionality to your netbook by providing you with maps, POIs, easy-to-use navigation, turn-by-turn directions through voice, route planning and more. It allows you to easily look up addresses and services as well as to providing turn-by-turn directions, including names of exits and streets to your destination. If you stray off course, the software will immediately advise you of corrections. It also allows you to upload customized points of interest, including safety camera and Outlook contacts. The Garmin Mobile PC software helps you with your travel planning through route planning and simulation of turns and points through your computer. You can also get relevant travel information including weather, gas prices, flight status and hotel information.

iNav iGuidance 4.0

iGuidance 4.0 by iNav Corporation is powerful navigation software that runs well on your Windows XP-powered netbook. It features an easy-to-use interface and lets you enter destinations by address, intersection or even just by clicking on the map provided by Navteq. iGuidance 4.0 is preloaded with street-level map coverage of the USA and all provinces and territories of Canada. You do not have to worry about this software using up your netbook’s storage, as it requires only 1.3GB of HD space. Although iGuidance works well with touch screen netbooks, using your netbook’s keyboard will control the software fine, especially since it is loaded with built-in keyboard shortcuts. Other features of this GPS navigation software for your netbook include itinerary feature for trip planning, various settings that include route and display options, and road preference settings.

Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft’s GPS Mapping Software - MapPoint 2009 is useful software to have before you hit the road for your next business trip. It allows you to enter your stops, and the software will plot the most efficient course with turn-by-turn driving directions. MapPoint provides you with detailed directions via voice and text prompts, mileage, drive time, expense calculation and easy to see navigation via route tracking in real-time and full screen display.

Mapfactor PC Navigation 9 Software

Featuring voice guidance and detailed maps of Europe, USA, Canada and other countries, PC Navigation 9 software provides you with numerous features. These include intuitive voice navigation in different languages, door to door route planning, cross-border routing without the need to switch between countries, overview of maneuver and distance as shown in your netbook’s screen, traffic lane assistant, motorway signs, real 3D icons for landmarks, 2D/3D mode, day/night modes, map rotation and definitely more features. Key features include an odometer for keeping track of private and business mileage, real-time traffic information from TMZ, and routing modes for car, pedestrian and trucks.

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