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Garmin Support Services

Garmin has a good reputation when it comes to prompt service and support. Nobody wants to think that they’ll ever have to face a possible repair issue when their Garmin GPS malfunctions or becomes inoperable but it is good to know that they can expect timely assistance and support from the manufacturer. Furthermore, some Garmin devices might not be that intuitive to folks unfamiliar with how GPS units work and they’ll want the assistance of Garmin technical support to learn all there is to know about getting the most out of their model. If you’re looking, Garmin support also offers map updates and new software to their existing customers and we explain how to update Garmin maps quite succinctly. Like all other software, there is a chance that glitches will occur and Garmin provides updates when this happens free of charge.

Garmin Warranty

First of all; know the warranty on your Garmin so you don’t make the mistake of taking it to someone local for paid repairs when Garmin is fully responsible to fix it for free. Most Garmin GPS products are warranted for one year and within that period only Garmin International, Inc. is allowed to do the actual repairs or replacement. The customer is responsible for shipping costs and as usual; it isn’t responsible for the failures due to abuse, misuse, accident, or unauthorized alterations or repairs. This means there might be circumstances which cause the thing to break down that you might want to explain carefully. The Aviation GPS devices have a two year warranty. Incidentally, be sure and check out how to download free Garmin U.S. voices if you’re interested in having a new voice navigate for you.

Garmin Support and Service

Therefore, your first course of action should be to go online to Garmin Support and browse their troubleshooting guide to see whether or not you can easily fix it yourself with the steps they offer under a particular category. A search mechanism is there for you to type in the kind of malfunction you’re experiencing. You can also email your queries to a technical expert from this web page.

To contact Garmin customer service by phone from the U.S. or Canada:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 6 PM Central Time (closed holidays)

US: 913-397-8200

US Toll Free: 1-800-800-1020

Canada: 1-866-429-9296

Garmin also has many Customer Service Support centers in several European countries listed at Contact Garmin Support. Once you have received a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number after their technical people have determined that you need to send it into them for repairs or replacement you will more than likely be sending it to the following address with the information you receive from their customer support people.

Garmin International

1200 E. 151st Street

RMA Number: (insert your RMA number here)

Dock Door (insert the dock number here)

Olathe, KS 66062 USA

There are times when you’re on a trip for instance, when you will want the most timely support and service to get your GPS up and running. Garmin offers a Dealer Locator which allows you to find the nearest authorized Garmin dealer in any state in the U.S. or from any country you are in. So find the Garmin service locations nearest to you on the website instead of searching blindly. It might be the case that once you find an authorized dealer somewhere near you that someone knowledgeable and hopefully helpful at that store might be able to assist you without the process of sending it back to Garmin. But remember what was stated about the warranty. It’s just good to know both options are available for you.