Find the Best Nokia GPS Phone: The Showdown of Nokia GPS Enabled Phones

Find the Best Nokia GPS Phone: The Showdown of Nokia GPS Enabled Phones
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Nokia has launched countless high-end cell phones loaded with top notch features. However, the needs of users vary by the purpose of usage of their cell phone. Some might need a multimedia phone, a business class phone, or a phone with specific tracking and navigation capabilities. As such, it is a tough call to conclude which amongst all is the best Nokia GPS phone and how that phone scores over the rest. So, let us take this discussion one step forward, and check out the first contender in detail.

One of the Best GPS Phones - The Nokia 6110 Navigator

With more and more phones coming with GPS functionality, GPS-enabled phones are being looked upon in a totally different light. The Nokia 6110 Navigator has turned out to be far superior to the other Nokia phones as well as the likes of the BlackBerry 8820, HTC’s touchscreen P3300, and the Asus P535. The mapping software of others doesn’t really pack enough of a punch while the Nokia 6110 Navigator comes with dedicated GPS keys, route software, and a crystal clear loudspeaker.

What’s more is it comes at the lowest price among the others that have been listed here, and the GPS navigation experience has been acclaimed to be quite worthy of its price tag. However, just as every coin has a flip side, the 6110 Navigator is prone to problems while trying to lock on to GPS satellites.

In terms of navigating around a city, the operation is quite smooth, but the Route 66 software employed by Nokia has a bigger addiction to major roads. Apparently, you’d be forced to follow the circuitous routes. But, some more bad news is that the software isn’t really adaptable if you tend to go off track too often.

Most GPS systems will tell you a few weird alternatives, but the Route 66 often asks you to take five to six odd virtually impossible u-turns, so it is surely not a handy option for those who are totally new to the land.

Off-late Navteq maps were also offered for the 6110, but even they need quite a bit of work.

The Nokia N95 8GB


The N95 8GB happens to be the second strongest contender in the line-up and is truly worthy of being rated as the best Nokia GPS phone.

The Nokia N95 8GB variant comes in a decent price range and offers enhanced GPS performance (far better than 6110). The exquisite GPS navigation feature helps you to travel unexplored places.

It can support maps of over 100 countries, so no matter wherever you may go, you’ll always have the back-up of country maps, which will greatly help you in navigating to the destinations that you might have never even heard of.

Apart from the interactive maps, the Nokia N95 8GB also offers great battery back-up even while you are using the GPS, Internet, and music player on-the-go. Weighing just about 128 grams, this powerful Nokia GPS phone comes in the dimensions of 99 x 53 x 21 mm.

GPS mapping on the N95 is indeed quite promising, and it was just the second phone featured (next to the Mio A701) with built-in Sat-Nav navigator. Even though the maps and routing info are downloaded over the air, this feature attracts data charges from mobile operators unlike the free navigation on Asus PDAs such as the Asus P527 and M-750.

Moreover, the maps are not included on the memory card, nor do they come pre-loaded in the phone. Additionally, you can activate city guides and automatic voice instructions for each turn, but the charges are quite hefty, so better beware of them!

The Bigger and Better - Nokia N96

Nokia N96

The latest contender in the line-up happens to be Nokia N96, which not only provides enhanced GPS navigation, but also live TV streaming, 32GB memory capacity, and lots more.

Performance-wise this is far superior to the others, but the pricing is not really decent for it to be acclaimed as the best Nokia GPS phone ever made.

Sure thing, GPS navigation with Nokia Maps v.2.0 is pretty good, and the hardware is faster than the N95 8GB in locking onto a satellite signal. It follows your movements quite nicely as well.

However, about a thirty-five percent increase in the pricing in comparison to the Nokia N95 8GB is not justifiable by any means, and that has been the biggest concern, too.

The Overall Best Nokia GPS Phone!

Considering pricing as well as performance, the Nokia N95 8GB is surely the best Nokia GPS phone built to date, but the individual opinions do vary, and the final choice is always yours!