Overview of Magellan Mapping GPS Options

Overview of Magellan Mapping GPS Options
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Magellan GPS devices provide drivers and hikers with directions from one point to another. The GPS function utilizes satellites to pinpoint the location of the device. With this GPS data, the device can place your location on a map and calculate a route to a specific destination. There are several maps available for Magellan GPS devices. The standard navigation maps provide an overview of the route and directions. while topographical maps provide additional information. When considering Magellan mapping GPS options, these would include the Summit Series and City Series.

The Summit Series

The Summit Series is a group of topographic maps available for select Magellan GPS devices. These maps display a digital image of the terrain and include topographical features such as contour lines. Topographical maps are useful for determining elevation, finding natural features like streams or lakes, and locating hiking trails. Here are some of the maps that are part of the Summit Series.

  • Summit Series United States - Contains detailed topographic maps of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Contour lines are dynamic, changing according to scale. It displays several types of recreational areas including national forests, state parks, and campgrounds. Locate trail heads and navigate safely between public and private lands. Millions of points of interest are available as well. Price: $99.99.
  • Summit Series US: Rocky Mountains - This map is specific to the regions surrounding the Rocky Mountains including areas in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. It contains the same features as the US summit map. The trail classifications and locations of fuel stations are useful. Price: $49.99
  • Summit Series US: Great Lakes - This map features topographical information from the Great Lakes region. The map covers areas in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. It displays the same types of features as the US summit map. It includes Bureau of Land Management areas. Price: $49.99.

The City Series

The City Series is a group of road maps available for select Magellan GPS devices. These maps display city streets and outdoor terrain, as well as businesses and addresses. Road maps are useful for finding the best route to a destination, locating nearby restaurants, and for turn-by-turn directions. Here are a couple of the maps in the Magellan City Series.

  • City Series North America - The North America City Series map is available on eXplorist handheld GPS receivers including the eXplorist 510, 610, and 710 models. It is useful to drivers in the United States and Canada. It contains the entire road network of both countries. The main feature of this map is turn-by-turn directions that are read aloud by the GPS device as you drive. Another advantage of this map is that you can search addresses and view over six million points of interests. Price: $99.99.

  • CitySeries Magellan Map North America

    City Series Europe - For drivers in European countries, the Europe City Series map gives an overview of the highways in 40 countries. It is compatible with eXplorist 510, 610, and 710 models. To download this map, a 4GB microSD card is required. Quickly locate gas stations, hotels and restaurants. Not only is the address available, so is the phone number. Receive directions for any destination in the address book, which can be synced with Magellan’s VantagePoint. Price: $99.99.

More Maps

There are several more Magellan GPS mapping options that aren’t part of the Summit or City series. Here are a few of them.

  • Topo USA - Topo USA is a topographical map powered by AccuTerra that provides a detailed overview of recreational roads and trails. It displays trail heads, boat ramps, campgrounds, and water sources. You can determine elevation with the contour lines and establish boundaries for local, state, and federal land with property lines. This map is compatible with several Magellan Triton models including the 400, 500, 1500, and 2000. Price: $149.99

  • Mountain-Dynamics-SnowRanger-North-America0-Item-Display-Image

    Mountain Dynamics SnowRanger North America - This map displays detailed information about ski resort areas including trails, lodges, and chairlift locations. Find out which trails are for beginners and which ones are for experts. The maps outline forest areas and display contour lines. Trails are marked with elevation, downhill direction, and difficulty. Regional maps cover several areas including the Aspen Highlands, Bear Mountain, and Park City Mountain. The maps are compatible with several Triton and eXplorist GPS models. Price: $74.99.

  • StoneMaps Amusement Park Maps U.S - This map details the attractions at several amusement parks including Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World. The location of rides, pathways, buildings, and water areas are displayed clearly. Boarding stations for shuttles, monorails and boat are also included. Quickly find the nearest restroom or first aid station with this map. Price: $24.99.


If you plan to travel by car, go on a hiking expedition, or visit your favorite ski resort, consider using one of the Magellan mapping GPS options mentioned above. The City Series North America map provides driving directions, while the Summit Series United States map provides detailed information about campgrounds and the surrounding terrain.


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