Solving TomTom Text-To-Speech Problems - Road Names Jumbled And Other Issues

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TomTom GPS devices that feature text-to-speech (or TTS) will read out directions as you drive. Upcoming exits and turns are conveyed in a clear and loud voice. Sometimes, the GPS device may not properly read out the traffic information or the TTS feature may not work at all. If you are experiencing jumbled road names or other TTS issues, they may be due to incorrect voice settings or an issue with the downloaded voice file. Follow these troubleshooting steps to determine the cause and find a solution for your TomTom.

How to Set a Computer Voice For The GPS

The steps for setting the computer voice depends on the type of TomTom GPS device you own. For the GO 2000 series, Blue & Me TomTom 2, VIA series, and Sony XNV models the following steps should be taken to set the computer voice:

  • Tap Settings, then select Voices, and finally choose Change Voice. Select a voice from the available list.
  • To read street names aloud, tap Settings, select Voices and then choose Voice Settings. In this menu, check the box for Read Aloud Street Names. To enable the voice to read foreign street names, select Read Aloud Foreign Street Names.

For the Go 740 Live model,

  • Press Change Settings, select Voices and then choose Change Voice. Select a voice here. Then in the speech preferences screen, select the Read Aloud Street Names option.

For the XL 350, XL 335 LE/SE/LM, XXL 550, and EASE models,

  • Press Options, select Voices and Images and press Change Voice. Select a voice from the list.

For the ONE 140S, ONE 130/135, XXL 530, XXL 540, XL 340, XL 335S, and XL 330/325 models,

  • Press Change Preferences and then select Change Voice. Select a computer voice and enable Read Aloud Street Names.

For the ECLIPSE, GO x20, GO x30, and GO 910 models,

  • Press Change Preferences, select Voice Preferences and tap Change Voice. After selecting a voice, select Read Aloud Street Names in the speech preferences window.

If you are experiencing the TomTom text-to-speech problem related to jumbled road names, enabling or disabling the read aloud foreign street names feature may fix it. If this feature is enabled, try disabling; if it is disabled, enable it.

Downloading and Installing Voices

If the text to speech software problems persist after checking or changing the settings, consider downloading and installing a new voice. Follow these steps for standard voices and computer voices:

  • From TomTom Home, select the option Add Traffic, Voices, Security Cameras, etc. Select Voices and then open Recorded Voices. For computer voices, open Computer Voices.

For downloading and installing premium voices, do the following:

  • Connect the TomTom to your computer and start TomTom Home.
  • Buy a premium voice by opening Add Traffic, Voices, Security Cameras, etc. Open Voices and select Recorded Voices.
  • Find the voice you want and click Buy.
  • Click Update My Device in the Home menu. Check the box next to the voice file you just bought. Click Update and Install.
  • After the file has downloaded and installed, click Device and select Disconnect Device. Remove the TomTom from your computer.

Changing the Language

Sometimes the language of the device may need to be changed to correct some text to speech problems. Some voices are not specific to a particular language and a prompt may appear which requests to filter voice options by language. Select No to ensure all voices are available.

The language of the device may also contribute to problems with the text to speech function. It can limit the voices that are available as well. To see if this is the case, check the language of the device by tapping the screen to bring up the main menu. Then select Settings, Change Preferences or Options, depending on the type of model you have. Next, navigate to the Change Language option and select it. In the list of languages, select the language you want. Then, confirm the language and select the voice.

Other Issues

Another factor that may hinder a proper text to speech read out is the volume. You can change the volume in the Volume Preferences section. Use the test function to preview the loudness of the voice. In addition, you can set the volume of the voice to increase and decrease relative to road noise. This may improve the quality of the text to speech voice.


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