How to Find GPS Coordinates on MapQuest

How to Find GPS Coordinates on MapQuest
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Uploading Coordinates to Your GPS Device

MapQuest is a free service that allows you to find directions for different locations. Many people like MapQuest since it’s easy to use and readily available. While most users only use this service to get directions to where they want to go, you can also use this service to obtain GPS coordinates.

So, now you are probably wondering about something: how can I find GPS coordinates on MapQuest? Well, the main step is pretty much the same as the standard way you find addresses. The major difference, however, is that you may need a plugin for your device. For example, if you own a Garmin, you need the Garmin Communicator Plugin on your computer. And, you also need your device hooked up to your computer.

Getting Directions

To start getting your coordinates, go to MapQuest, and follow the below directions:

  1. Type in the location that you want to find the coordinates for on the Map Page.

  2. Click Search. You’ll now see a map with different options. Find the option that best reflects where you want to go.

  3. Select Map.

  4. At the top of the page, you’ll see the Send option. Select the arrow next to the box. You’ll see options for Email, Send to Cell and Send to GPS. Select Send to GPS.

  5. You will now go to the Send to GPS screen. In the Select device(s) box, pick your GPS unit. Underneath that box, you’ll see confirmation of the address that you want the coordinates for.

  6. Hit Send.

Depending on your device, you can now save the coordinates to your Favorites or Saved Address list. Then, when you are ready to go on your trip, you simply need to select the address. Your GPS device will guide you to your selected coordinates.

You can also do this process with other types of free map systems, including Bing and Google Maps. MapQuest, however, is perhaps the easiest way to get coordinates since it sends the information directly to your device.

Take Precautions

One note of warning when it comes to uploading GPS coordinates to your unit: your device may still take you to a different route because the device is looking for a landmark and not just the coordinates. You should also verify that your unit can accept routes created by MapQuest since not all do. While you might know the answer to how can I find GPS coordinates on MapQuest, you may not still be able to use these coordinates.

If you go off the route, your unit can reroute. This leaves you with figuring out the route point by point. Certain devices will even change the order of the waypoints. So, always take precautions when using MapQuest coordinates, and always have a backup plan.


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