GPS Tutorial: Honda GPS DVD Hack

GPS Tutorial: Honda GPS DVD Hack
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Honda Hacks

Modern Hondas come with a built-in GPS navigation system, which has a DVD drive that allows you to view and update your maps and data. But, did you know that there’s a Honda GPS DVD hack, and this helps you customize your Honda navigation system? If you’ve never hacked your system, then you are probably wondering what this is all about.

Hacking Dangers

Hacking involves changing your GPS navigation software, usually to add customized features, or simply to upgrade your software. While it’s not very hard to hack your system, there are some dangers involved with it. First of all, if you are driving a relatively new car, then your Honda GPS system has a warranty. If you hack your GPS system, you will void your warranty.

There’s also the problem that you may mess up your GPS system if you accidentally delete something. And, it’s not really easy to backup a built-in car GPS system. So, you are doing this at your own risk.

Changing Your Screen

But, if you still want to hack our Honda GPS system, then you can change your car navigation screen. You can change the look of it and the text. To do this, follow the below directions:

1. First of all, insert your Honda Navigation DVD into your computer, and copy all of the bin files. This will backup all of your data in case you accidentally delete something.

2. You must also copy the following files as well:

a. A0000_00.MNG




3. Once you done copying your files, you must create the picture that you want to use, and you must save it with the following specifications.

a. Dimensions must be 480 x 234.

b. You must also save it as a 24-bit BMP image with less than 250 colors.

4. Use the HVCT software program to change your image into the correct format, and name your file

Next, use either the CEbin or the Bysin.exe software program (depending on your vehicle model) to delete your old bin and replace it with the new one. You must create a text file with the following text to use CEbin:

image 05Touch2.bin

verbose on

replacefile Opening1.bmp Opening1.bmp


5. Save this file as replace.bat.

6. Go to your command prompt, and input cebin replace.bat.

7. Rename the generated to 05Touche2.bin.

8. Burn this data to a CD.

9. Start up your navigation, and press the Map/Guide, Cancel and Menu buttons at the same time. Hold it down until you see Diagnosis Items.

10. Click on Version, and insert your newly burned disc.

11. Hit the Map/Guide, Cancel and Menu buttons, and select Version again.

12. Wait for the progress bar to finish, and your new screen will now appear.


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