Learn How to Hack Your GPS: Omnitech GPS Hacks

Learn How to Hack Your GPS: Omnitech GPS Hacks
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Hacks for Omnitech GPS

The Omnitech GPS system is very inexpensive, sometimes costing less than $50. But, you also get what you pay for with this unit. It doesn’t have a lot of map or POI features, and usually the maps are very outdated. But, you can very easily hack and update your GPS unit using Omnitech GPS hacks.

Hacking Precautions

This may be one of the easiest units to hack, especially you can do a lot just by switching out SD cards. But, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that you should automatically start hacking your GPS unit. You will void your warranty if you hack your system. Manufacturers don’t look kindly on this behavior even if it is to improve their units.

Next, if you want to do more than just update your maps, you run the risk of deleting something that you weren’t supposed to. This can cause your GPS unit not to work properly. So, always backup your device before you start hacking your GPS unit.

Updating Outdated GPS Maps

But, if you still want to go about hacking your unit, then this tutorial will help you with the process. The easiest hack that you can do is update your maps or software. You simply need to download a map database or software program like the iGo8 navigation software. To update your software or maps, follow the below procedures:

1. Download the software that you want to use.

2. Save the files to your SD card.

3. Switch out the SD card that came with your GPS unit with the SD with your new software.

4. Restart the unit.

And, that’s it. Your Omnitech GPS unit will now have updated maps and software. For most people, this is probably all they want to do. But, others may want to add some games or applications to their Omnitech GPS.

Adding Apps to Your Omnitech GPS Unit

Again, you will still use your SD card the main hacking action, but you do need to download an additional package of software. You can download this software from RapidShare.com. This software unlocks your GPS unit, and it adds applications to your GPS unit, which extends its overall functionality. To use this package, follow the below directions:

1. Download the software from RapidShare.com, and install this patch after you download the software.

2. If you don’t have a program that can open RAR files, use this program to open them.

3. Unzip the contents of the file, and copy them on to a blank SD card. Try not to use the SD card that came with your GPS system. If you do, you’ll overwrite all of the data on it. If you do want to overwrite the data, then back up the SD card before you delete the contents.

4. Insert the SD card into your GPS unit, and then restart it.

You’re screen should now look different, and you’ll see buttons for your applications and games.


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