Garmin GPS Tutorial: Removing Found Geocaches from Garmin Oregon 450t GPS Units

Garmin GPS Tutorial: Removing Found Geocaches from Garmin Oregon 450t GPS Units
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Removing Old Caches

Geocaching is a fun way to spend a day or afternoon. You usually explore places where you have never been before, and you get to find buried treasure. And, Garmin’s Oregon 450t GPS device is a great device for finding hidden caches. But, once you’ve found the treasure, you probably want to remove that cache information from your GPS unit. So, how do you go about removing found geocaches from Garmin Oregon 450t devices?

Head to Your Computer

Well, you can’t do it from the field unless you have a laptop. You cannot remove found caches directly from your GPS unit. You must plug the Oregon 450t GPS unit into your computer to do this. While this is a pain, it’s the only way to remove caches from your GPS device.

To remove a cache, plug your Garmin GPS unit into your computer via the USB cord that you received with your Garmin package. Place your GPS unit into Mass Storage mode. Then, follow these steps:

1. Go to the My Computer icon, and double-click it.

2. Navigate to the “Devices with Removable Storage” or “Devices” depending on your computer. Find your Garmin Oregon 450t device, and double-click it.

3. Open up the GPX folder.

4. Scroll through the list and find the geocache that you want to remove. All of the caches are listed by their numerical geocache code. So, if can’t remember the code of the cache that you want to delete, you’re going to have to figure out this before you go into the folder.

5. Right-click on the geocache that you want to remove, and hit the Delete option from the dropdown menu.

Pocket Query Geocaches

You cannot delete Pocket Query geocaches this way. Pocket Query files are created when you group a set of geocaches and send them to your device as a .gpx file. If you want to delete only one of these files, you can’t. You can only delete the whole Pocket Query. So, you can either wait until you’ve done all of these caches to delete the Pocket Query or you can delete the whole Pocket Query, and only add back the geocaches that you have not completed.

Reinstalling a Lost Cache

It’s actually pretty easy to reinstall caches on your Garmin Oregon 450t device. Garmin has a Go Geocaching application that helps you find geocaches around the world. To re-add a cache, follow the below directions:

1. Open up your Garmin account and log into it.

2. Plug your GPS unit into your computer via the USB cord.

3. Pick the area to where you plan on going.

4. A map opens up with all the available caches in that area. Pick the geocaches that you want to search for and the upload them to your device.



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