What is GPS Real Time Tracking?

What is GPS Real Time Tracking?
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What is Real Time Tracking?

Real time tracking is acquiring situational data of a moving object’s current location and while it is in motion. Detailed information is obtained and transmitted from GPS satellites that provide a wireless network, to a GPS device receiver.

The difference between GPS time tracking and GPS real time tracking is the information you are receiving with real time tracking is current – so as the target is moving you are getting that exact positional data as it is taking place. This movement or activity is updated concurrently as you view it from your PC.

How Does It Work?

To fully understand how GPS real time tracking works, one should imagine the workings behind the operation of a cell phone. Real Time

GPS Tracking Systems work on the same wireless principle as a cell phone. However, the Global Positioning System satellites are not the same as communication satellites used to service cell phones.

In order to transmit GPS signals instantly, a locator device is installed to the object or vehicle you intend to track. The locator device collects and transmits GPS data through its wireless network to a GPS enabled cell phone or PC. GPS data is constantly updated every couple of minutes to provide real time disclosure on objects on the move. For very severe cases, the succession of updates can be programmed to shorter intervals and vice versa for more relaxed circumstances.

What It Can Do for You

Before we explore the many uses of real time tracking, lets first look at the amazing capabilities of this technology. Real time tracking is a phenomenal feature, which stands out from the general potential of GPS systems.

For one, specific information about a vehicle’s current location as well as its previous locations along with the overall mileage can be obtained. Intelligent real time GPS systems informs you about the vehicle’s speed and signals an alert as soon as the vehicle exceeds the legal speed limit. Tracking records can also

Vehicle GPS

show all the various stops the vehicle made and the duration of each stop.

GPS Trackers can monitor the status of the vehicle’s battery if necessary; its condition and whether the power is getting low. In addition, you can check the oil level to find out if the oil needs to be changed. Additional features include vehicle sensory locking of the doors, control of the ignition, lights, horn and various other electronic devices.

Geocaching features enable you to find GPS devices anywhere they are, once the device’s GPS receiver is open it can be detected. This is quite useful for recreational purposes such as hiking or diving, where objects can be lost or misplaced. The GPS locator device can be placed inside or on the object making it recoverable if ever it gets lost.

Geo-Fencing is used to monitor a vehicle, object or person’s movement, but more significantly, it signals an alert once the target steps out of a specific boundary or range. For example, if you do not want an employee to go off in certain places, you can see from the geo-fencing application on your GPS real time tracking device as soon as they cross over to that restricted area.

How Is It Used?

Now we can better assign various purposes to best utilize GPS instant tracking technology and systems for consumer use.

vehicle tracker

For an individual car owner, installing a GPS unit in their car and linking it with their mobile phone or computer through a wireless GPS service provider, can completely control a robbery situation in the event their car is stolen. If someone steals your car, you can turn off the ignition at any time, totally isolate them by locking the car doors, then call the police and provide them with the exact location of your car so that they can go and capture the thief.

Business owners who have a fleet of company cars can protect themselves against theft as well with real time GPS trackers. Additionally, they can monitor their vehicles while employees are off using them for work; track their progress, movements and ensure that there is no misuse.

Firefighters, ambulance rescuers, police and military officials can provide a similar service using real time tracking. Whether they want to monitor their own men while they are out in the field or track other civilians in covert or emergency situations, real time GPS tracking gives current positional data by email, text message or mapping graphs. This will assist in executing the necessary course of action.

GPS systems are very useful for those individuals or groups, who often go of on various escapades such as hunting, tracking, hiking, mountain or rock climbing. In case of unforeseen circumstances that can prevent them from returning to a base point and within a particular time period, GPS tracking devices can retrieve their actual location and surroundings so you can find them quickly.

Many parents are also catching on to real time services via GPS devices to monitor the activities of their children, especially teenagers.

Know Who is Watching You

Even though GPS Real Time Tracking is used for countless beneficial purposes, there are however, unethical practices that are executed through the power of GPS tracking and navigation. It can be used to locate and monitor individuals who do not want to be tracked or even know they are being monitored.

This is done by hacking into a system designated to pick up GPS signal from someone’s cell phone for emergency reasons. As a cautionary measure, you should disable the GPS setting on your cell phone to try to avoid this from happening to you.