Applications & Benefits of GPS Management Systems

Applications & Benefits of GPS Management Systems
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Before we understand what a GPS management system is, we first need to understand what GPS is and what it is used for. GPS, or global positioning system, is a navigation system that uses a network of satellites that gather location data from all around the world. The data collected by these satellites, along with time information, is retrieved by GPS receivers, both handheld and mounted, to get a precise and accurate location for a GPS device. The data is usually represented visually on electronic maps which are then used for navigation.

What is a GPS Management System?

GPS management systems are an exhaustive solution that revolves around tracking devices through GPS. They do not just involve a visual representation of the location of the subject being tracked. They also provide other relevant information to the subject depending on what kind of system it is. For example, a GPS management system for courier services not only tells the person tracking a package where the package is currently located, it also tells the tracking person if the package has already been received and who signed for it. There are many other applications for these systems that involve other types of information accompanying the location information.

Applications of GPS Management Systems

As previously stated, one of the most widely used application of a GPS management system is the delivery of packages. In courier services that offer GPS tracking, packages are assigned with a unique tracking code. Each driver of a delivery vehicle carries a mobile device with GPS tracking enabled. This mobile device keeps track of all the packages currently in the delivery vehicle. This way, the person who sent the package can track it using an interface, whether on a web browser or a mobile device. The information about the status of the packages, whether it is being processed, being transported or already delivered, will be transmitted back to the GPS management system. From the management system, the data can them be filtered and arranged, ready to be viewed by customers. The same idea can be applied to companies who make deliveries from their warehouses or offices to their clients.

Another popular application of GPS managements systems is in the golf course industry. Players can be easily tracked by officials and golf course administrators by using handheld GPS devices or GPS devices mounted on golf carts. This system also helps golfers stay up to date to their current location and other locations on the course. It keeps them well informed of where they are and where they are going next.

Benefits of a GPS Management System

Tracking vehicles for companies using GPS and GPS management systems is a great way to minimize fuel and labor costs since the efficiency of company vehicles can be monitored at all times. Knowing the exact location of company vehicles discourages employees, especially the drivers, to stay productive and keep away from being sidetracked into personal business during company time. This increases productivity, and in turn, it increases customer satisfaction and revenue as well. Safety is another benefit of using a GPS management system since it can determine if a vehicle or a person with a handheld device are at the location where they should be or if they are missing or lost.


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