VTech Cyber Spy Notebook Review: Is This Educational and Fun Toy Laptop What Your Kid Wants?

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VTech Cyber Spy Notebook


The VTech Cyber Spy Notebook is a great alternative to getting children ages 6-8 an expensive laptop. Sure, it doesn’t have everything a real notebook has but with over 100 activities it will keep any child busy for a long, long time.

All of the activities are given a covert ops twist and children get to pretend they are spies. Learning games are always more fun when children don’t feel like they are studying, and this notebook does a good job at giving children a goal other than learning. With the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook, they will be working through countless learning activities trying to unlock the secret codes and become the ultimate spy.

The Look (5 out of 5)

One of the most appealing aspects of the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook is its look. Children will love this very realistic looking computer. The glossy screen is very clear and pleasant to look at. While the graphics are a little basic, they are all displayed very well.

The notebook comes with a working trac pad, a full keyboard, as well as an attached mouse. It even has a row of function keys at the top for that really authentic look. If this toy laptop doesn’t pass as the real thing I don’t know what will.

The Content (2 out of 5)


While there are a very large number of activities to do on the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook, many of them are very similar to one another.

There are a large number of fill in the missing word or pick the right answer type of games that really did not have much variety at all.

While most of the activities are pretty similar, they make up for it a little bit by having a variety of different subjects to focus on. This computer teaches three different foreign languages (Spanish, French, and German) as well as logic and reading.

There is a great deal of learning to be had with the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook if the repetitive activities manage to keep your child’s interest long enough.

The Features (4 out of 5)

The features of the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook make up for the lack of variety in the content. One of the best features of this computer is the ability to hook it up to another computer and download new content off the internet.

It’s good to know that if your child ever burns through all of the activities you don’t have to throw out the notebook. Just plug it in and get a whole new set of activities for them to enjoy.

The notebook also features a built in mic to make the foreign language software even more useful. The games will rate your child’s pronunciation of different words and really improve the learning experience.


This is a great notebook to get for children who are still learning to read, or are interested in learning a foreign language. While it isn’t going to make them fluent in Spanish, they should be able to pick up the basics without a problem.

Overall the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook could make a great present for a young child. It really isn’t anything new compared to the past toy laptops but it is packaged really well and has a great deal of content available on it.

All of these features make the VTech Cyber Spy Notebook a great alternative to an actual laptop for children. It is currently priced at $79.99.