What to Look For in an Electric Salad Spinner

What to Look For in an Electric Salad Spinner
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Salad spinners are used to remove excess water from vegetables. This is done to make the salad lighter because water on vegetables can make them heavy and inefficient to handle. Salad spinners make it easier for people to remove excess water from their salad, but it still requires some effort by spinning the device manually. An electric salad spinner makes the process simple with minimal effort required.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you try and pick a certain brand of electric salad spinner, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this device first. For its advantages, it should be noted that all the device requires of you is putting your salad inside the spinner and hitting a button. That’s it. The electric salad spinner will do the job for you. Since a salad spinner is most effective if it removes the most amount of excess water as possible from the vegetables, you can be assured to achieve that with an electric salad spinner instead of manually spinning your salad, especially if you are not really experienced in working with salads and their ingredients. All you need to use the device is a wall socket where you can plug it in.

It does come with disadvantages too. Since it is an electric salad spinner, it requires a source of electricity. This means without a wall socket or if the power is out, you are left with a useless salad spinner. It may also use up a lot of electricity if you are constantly preparing salads for your family or your friends. If you need to prepare a large amount of salad, electric salad spinners may also become quite inefficient since it can only work on a small amount of salad ingredients at a time. It would take you a lot of time to prepare several bowls of salad.

Using Salad Spinners

The way a salad spinner works, whether it is electric or manual, is basically the same, but results may vary. Since an electric salad spinner does its job automatically, you can expect the same result every single time.

Princess Electric Salad Spinner / Potato Peeler

With a manual salad spinner, though, results depend on the person using the spinner. It can either be a very effective tool for removing water or it can be a way to just ruin a salad. For people who may have difficulties spinning salads (for example, those suffering from arthritis), an electric salad spinner is the way to go. However, if a person is already used to spinning salads manually or if they have a certain preference in the amount of water left on the vegetables, they may do better with non-electric salad spinners.

The Novon Dynamic Electric Salad Spinner is a low maintenance product that is a great choice if you are looking for a salad spinner. If you want something more out of a kitchen appliance, you can get the Princess Electric Salad Spinner / Potato Peeler which allows you to do two tasks with just one device.