Kindle eBook Reader Sources: Can You Buy Kindles Someplace Other Than Amazon?

Kindle eBook Reader Sources: Can You Buy Kindles Someplace Other Than Amazon?
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Can you buy Kindles someplace other than Amazon? The simples answer is yes, but it can get complicated. Online, the only place where you can purchase a brand new Kindle is Amazon. Amazon has set its foot down on being the only source of new Kindle units online. However, if you do not want to bother with shipping or if you want to go to a physical store and buy your Kindle from there, you have a few options. If you are not really particular about whether the Kindle is new or used, there are a couple of online sources for that too.

Best Buy

The consumer electronics store Best Buy offers most of the popular eBook readers available, including the Kindle. Best Buy has a lot of outlets across the country, and each one offers an array of consumer electronics that range from HDTVs, tablets, computers, mobile phones, laptops and eBook readers. If you are looking for Kindle accessories or accessories for other types of electronics, they are also available in Best Buy stores.


Target stores offer a wide range of consumer products like furniture, toys, clothes, and electronics. Among their electronics offerings are video game consoles, TV sets, computers and, of course, the Kindle. They often offer these products with discounts or special promotions, so you can expect to get a good deal when buying a Kindle or any type of consumer products in these stores.


Staples stores focus on products for the office like paper supplies, furniture, and even food. They also offer consumer electronics such as desktop computers, laptops, and printers and scanners. You can also find products that are not necessarily related to office life, such as the Kindle, which is more of a recreational device. Like most brick-and-mortar store chains across the country, they often have sales and special discounts, especially during the holidays. If you are thinking of buying a Kindle but you do not want to wait for it, you can bypass the shipping process by going directly to a Staples store.


Still wondering, “Where can I buy a Kindle aside from Amazon and the mentioned stores?” Well, If you are not really particular about whether the Kindle is new or not, you can browse eBay for used Kindles. You might even stumble upon a brand new Kindle, but expect to see more used devices than new ones. Being this source is an online one, you must accept the fact that there will be a shipping process involved and it may not be the most secure one since you will be dealing directly with the seller. It is recommended that you only do business with trusted sellers on eBay. Prices may differ, too, since different sellers may put different prices on their Kindles, and of course the prices will most definitely go up since this is a bidding site.


Craigslist is also a good source for used Kindles. Since you will be browsing used Kindles in this web site, there is a possibility that you may stumble upon a brand new Kindle for sale or a really used one. Some sellers throw in Kindle accessories in the deal, so it will take some patience and luck to find the perfect deal for you. However, you must be aware that there are scammers around to make bogus deals.

So, can you buy Kindle someplace other than Amazon? You most definitely can. It can be a little challenging, though, especially if you are dealing with used Kindles, so you have to be careful with your online transactions. It is recommended to go straight to the source if you do not have the time to go out and visit a brick and mortar store.

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