Finding the Best Karaoke Machine: Reviews of the Top 3

Finding the Best Karaoke Machine: Reviews of the Top 3
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Karaoke machine reviews show that with several different types of karaoke machines appearing on the market these days you have a range from the kind that connect to the TV, to ones that connect to the iPhone, and to ones that are portable. Many are not as good as they make out that they are and, depending on what your purpose will be with the machine, you should make sure of the sound quality before you purchase it. A cheap tinny sound will spoil your enjoyment of your new toy.

There are mainly three types of Karaoke machines on the market.

  • Connecting to the TV: When doing karaoke machine reviews one has to take many aspects into consideration. One thing you look for is the portability of a machine. This type of karaoke machine is connected to the monitor or the TV. It requires a sound system or speakers attached to your TV.
  • iPod Karaoke Machine: An iPod is your easy access-to-music tool; as such it is understandable that a karaoke machine has been made which makes use of this feature. WIth this type of machine you can connect your iPod to the karaoke machine.
  • Multipurpose Karaoke Machine: A multipurpose karaoke machine generally has an in-built monitor and is portable. You also have an option to connect it to the iPod or iPhone.

Below are my top three recommendations–one from each category for you to make a wise decision.

RSQ Digital Karaoke Machine with Hard-Drive and Disc Player

Digital Karaoke Machine by RSQ is one of the best karaoke machines from the first category, “connecting to the TV.” It has an on-board hard drive which can be loaded with more than 40,000 songs. You can view them on the TV screen and the songs can be accessed with the remote. You can choose the memory of the drive from among three available sizes - 500gig, 1 Terrabyte and 320 gig, which is the standard size. You can also play songs via CD or DVD drive. The machine comes with two microphone inputs which can be controlled by the digital keys. The microphones also have an echo feature. The machine allows you to add up to 99 songs in a single playlist, which can be managed via song title and singer names. This product has excellent feedback and reviews, making it the best karaoke machine; it’s available at the price of $643. It is highly popular among users. The only drawback of the system is that it locks up if you try to play too fast with the titles. Amazon offers it for $549.

Emerson PP650 Peak Power 650 Complete CDG Karaoke system iPod® Compatible

Emerson PP650 Peak Power 650 Complete CDG Karaoke system iPod® Compatible

The Emerson Karaoke Machine has a feature where you can plug your iPod into the portable karaoke machine. It has a holder for your iPod, Zune, or MP3 player. It comes with 5 speakers and plays songs of various formats. This has a black-and-white monitor built into the machine for viewing your lines and you can also control the volume of your microphone. It offers two ports for your microphone and can be synced with your car stereo as well. Using the connector, the system can also be connected to your TV. The machine is great for personal use, selling for $118.27 on Amazon.

Singing Machine Karaoke System SMD-572 Pedestal DVD/CDG

singing machine

If you combine all the features mentioned in the above two machines, then the Pedestal model made by Singing Machine could well be your answer. This has a built-in monitor, is portable with speakers, and can be connected to an iPod. The top of the machine is removable and can be converted to a tabletop unit. You can also record the performances as it has a color video camera attached to the system. You can connect the microphones through the two microphone jacks. The functions of the microphone can be controlled through the remote. It also has a 7-inch LCD color screen where you can read the lyrics of the songs. It can be purchased for $319.89 from Amazon. At $399 this makes it mid-range as far as price goes but it has excellent quality and back up from the manufacturer. It is an excellent choice if you are a professional DJ. The biggest trouble with the system is that all mic volume, echo, and key control are available on the one function button. The quality of sound according of some of the users is not absolutely fantastic.

Karaoke Machine reviews always come up with a variety of likes and dislikes, the most relevant of all being bad sound quality. Good sound is essential for any music. The three items listed above all have good sound, which makes them a first choice dependent upon your main purpose.


All images are from Amazon.